How big is the T45???


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To be fair, the one on the left is an Airfix 1:72, the one on the right an Airfix 1:144.

I heard recently that they cannot get a Merlin helicopter in a T45 hangar anymore because it's jam packed full with London buses, Olympic sized swimming pools, football pitches, Nelson's Column & a partridge (in a pear tree) ;)
I presume those are outriggers on the back of the boat. Good idea for decent game fishing.

I wonder why they reduced the number of dhobey lines and why the small boat doesn't have any socks hanging from them?


Er sonar, that's a 23 under the 45 not a 22 (batch 1)
Bear in mind that the Greenhalgh is Broadsword which was / is a batch 1 22, T23s are very slightly bigger in all respects so it's pretty relevant when comparing size.
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