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Discussion in 'RMR' started by Harry_Masker, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Are other RMR Units finding it difficult to recruit? We used to have over a hundred turn up on a selection, and that last one 20 odds turned up - very poor!

    What are your thoughts on the problem?
    And do you have any ideas towards a solution?

    What type of recuiting is being ran at your unit?

    That is all,

    Cheers :)
  2. Harry

    I'm actually quite surprised that the RMR is having recruitment problems at the moment in light of what the Corps is doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. having said that, in 1990 when i was in holding troop there were less than 30 or so people coming in through the doors and obviously that wittled down to a small number once the selection weekend came around.

    Solutions.....No idea mate. The Corps is advertising the RMR through websites but the only solution would be like what the pongoes do around here and get out om the street in their little portacabin and meet the public that way.

  3. NB - Agreed mate.

    HM for your average civvy who doesnt check the website, there isnt much recruiting info out there. The 99.9% adverts on TV and cinema were always good although they didnt directly mention Reserves.

    Things like recruiting information/leaflets at local gymnasiums, martial arts/boxing gyms, sports venues etc. Even posters in the heads of bars/clubs would be a bit more eye catching. It plants the seed........

    Getting out and about still has to be the best option though. Stalls at the local University campus, colleges, shopping centres, gala days etc etc. Also charitable events would generate more media exposure.

    I could put you in touch with a contact from the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust - sponsored assault courses, abseiling or a Marine for the day type activities with Booties at the helm, would be good for PR and raise awareness. I think I could also arrange for a Journo to print an article on it.

    PM me if your interested mate
  4. At RMR Mersey there are great big signs advertising recruitment which a few of my troop said were responsible for their applying. also an advert in the Liverpool Echo. there is also a mobile recruiting stand in the car park which travels to different events, air shows etc.

    although expensive i genuinely reckon TV advertising to be the best way.

    i was out on a long road run and i got the idea for an advert:

    the camera slowly pans sideways, left to right across an office showing a bloke at a desk, then across a lad in a uni lecture, then a fella on a building site, a fireman, a shop assistant and a doctor etc. next shot shows them all coming together at their unit and prepping for an exercise, then the next few shots pan across the same fellas doing a speed march, a patrol, an OP, a Troop attack, mortars etc.

    just a thought!

    anything would be better than that awful "cant get a job cos you havnt got any skills?" pongo one. it basically says "got **** all going for you? we'll av you." terrible.

    we had 50 lads turn up to the selection weekend, and now on weekend four of phase two there are 9! so its not just getting people to turn up for selection, its getting them to stay the course!
  5. Halford

    I think alot of recruiting used to be done by word of mouth although i have to admit being one of a few lads that were on TVAM one morning with the aerobics woman with rubber dagger type T-shirts. I was the Royal behind directly looking at her arse. :lol:

    Getting recruits through the door is one thing, but retention of those recruits is another ballgame altogether. At the start of my Phase 2 course there were about 8 or so blokes, with 2 of us going down to CTC on our course in may 1992. Of those 2, i passed and by best mate was back trooped and eventually passed his course 6 months later.

    I have to say that a few years GD's after my course didnt really hold my attention due to a distinct lack of equipment and blokes in the Company who couldn't be arsed. Whats the point of doing an O.P when you have no night vision equipment to ensure the O.P log is adequately filled in!!! In the end i went and played elsewhere.........

    My point is that the units have to keep the mens interests in order to retain them. Thats from the holding troop lads, right through to the lads in the Companies. I dont know the solution to this problem however.

  6. :lol: :lol: No surprise there mate!! Did you give her lycra clad arrse cheeks a wee squeeze? :wink:
  7. Think she was old enough to be my mum at the time, but then again i've always liked the older woman :wink: :wink:
  8. Please tell me it wasnt that crazy chick with the long curly hair, who bounced around like the energizer bunny on steroids?.....................MAD LIZZIE? 8O
  9. You know what mate, i think it might well have been. Well she was nice from the rear to speak. :lol: :lol:
  10. Our unit is currently deploying 4 lads on Herrick, so that takes us down to about 5 lads on the ground for a Wed training night. Nods we have 3 phase 2's and about 6 new selection lads.

    You have to laugh at the PSI's when they ask why no one turns up for their hoofing weekend - not! And when you tell them....

    We have no new blood in the unit!
    Lads have been in for over 6 years, and their priority list has placed the RMR to 3rd place i.e. It's more fun drinking on a weekend!
    Poor Scran... menu = Pie, chips and beans OR Beans, chips and pie... enough said on that!

    Now the RMR is great and very achievable, what we are bad at is selling the experience.

    Drip, drip, drip!
  11. Hahah - Nutts you are a fckn legend mate.!!
  12. Nothing new there then mate. As i said, i got the hump with turning up and just doing phys on a training evening, i was doing that in my own time and competing at weekends so why did i need extra phys FFS.

    I was too busy trying to hide, or raiding the stores for the nice new shiney bergens, bivibags and waterproofs that the unit had but the storeman cnut wouldn't issue. We had to buy our own bergens and bivi bags then!! "During the war............. ":lol:

    12 years outside and the dripping continues. lol
  13. Nah mate, my oppo "J.C" the thieving bastard was the legend mate, taught me all i know and corrupted me on many occasions. :lol: :lol:
  14. HM

    Does the unit have a decent local recruiting buget, or is it generally left up to the blokes to sort out?

    I noticed 4 Para have a TV ad out just now and Perce is pushing for the whole One Army concept through massive TV, radio and poster advertising.
    You tend to find most blokes who are really fit and want a challenge sway to either 4 Para or the RMR and with 4 Para having the upper hand in advertising at present, this will no doubt swing the recruiting in their favour too.

    It must also be difficult with a limited number of trained ranks on the ground and with the Herrick deployment forthcoming, this will be even worse.

    Perhaps involving the Recruits in recruiting is the way ahead?
  15. In regards to advertising a lot of my friends were impressed by the advert of the guy doing the endurance course, so a new one would be a good idea. But, then that advert just disappeared and the only place to find it is on youtube!
    Halford's ad sounds good the only problem being that tv advertising might attract more of the wrong sort that will get weeded out at the PRMC stage as well as the right sort.

  16. Mitch

    I think there has always been a problem of recruiting the wrong sort mate. I was involved in a holding troop recruiting weekend about 14 years ago and some of the lads that came on board were a picture. Nutty (young at the time) soon sorted out who wanted to be there and who didnt.

    Dont think just because a person gets through and gets his green lid he is still the right person, i was far too young and immature at 19 to be wearing a green lid. I did however grow up very fast but a bit of age and life experience as in spenny's case will go a long way!!
  17. We had one of the top brass up a month ago. He's said that the RMR will be tagged on to the new RM TV Ad, so fingers crossed that this helps.

    The point about OP herrick and Iraq deployments, we were told that this is having a negative effect on recruiting also. Either the army are reeping the benefit of Royal doing the job out there or Wee Johnnies mum doesn't want him to go!!!

  18. Harry

    Sorry to sound like an old sweat mate but i think this has always been an issue. Lads from my unit went on Op Haven in 1991 i think, prior to that there was the Falklands so there is always an element of retention when wars are being fought!!
  19. Fair point nutty.

    Does anyone know when the next ad for RM comes out because I have seen plenty on the tv for the Navy but not specifically RM.
  20. September/October sometime.

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