How Bear Grylls the Born Survivor roughed it - in hotels

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. He He He, Busted, what a tool.
    I am shattered that what we see on TV is not genuine.
    Does this mean there are no such things as the Moomins, Clangers and wombles?
  2. Please leave the Clangers and Wombles out of it, they are REAL. I know I saw the wombles when on the old Ark during a sods opera. :thumright:
  3. Come on Slim we all know the Frog Squad is the best!!

    This is shades of Jimmy Saville long ago getting good press for RM taking up the challenge at Lympston. Then jetting of to the Bahamas after one iitem on the agenda then returning to tackle another finally being awarded "The Coveted Green Beret" so the newspapers at the time wrote.

    Difference being we all knew it was happening this way not the fairy story this prat put over.

    These so called survival experts have caused more harm to the environment through kids copying hacking trees and bushes down to make bivvies. Remember hug a whale kiss a tree!

    Remember meeting Jimmy on the Wilmslow Half Marathon years ago and still waiting for that pint!!
  4. What? Bear Grylls didn't do everything he appeared to? And what we see on TV is not genuine? Can't believe it. Next they'll be telling us that those Northern monkeys that live in Coronation Street are just a load of actors. I KNOW the Clangers are real.
  5. And Santa is watching so be good

  6. Of course The Clangers are real,there're in colour.
  7. And hes got a stupid name too boot!
  8. What a chopper!
  9. I don't know what a moomin is, but the Wombles are real.

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