How are you selected for SF?

Discussion in 'RMR' started by Married_to_the_Corps, Oct 10, 2008.

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  1. I want to go SF eventually but I have no-idea about how I would express my interest or be selected once I have passed the commando course.

    If the information in question is sensitive, then I apologise and I will remove this post.
  2. Standby for the usual abuse... ^_^;
  3. Transfer to the RN, volunteer for submarines, earn your dolphins - I see the Submarine Service is now officially classed as "special forces" on the RN Website. :)
  4. Yeah but thats "special" as in "mummies special little angel", or, "your son needs to go to special school" ;)
  5. Lamri - thats a bummer - and here was me telling my kids I'd be eligible to join the Special Forces club. Thanks for the enlightenment :)
  6. How far are you into your CDO course?? I suggest you concentrate on that before considering anything else as you technically need to serve 2 years GD before applying. I have seen guys go SF before this but this was in the mid 1990's and i believe this has changed.

    As i said get your
    lid first
  7. Good point, I suppose i'm being rather over ambitious here...
    I shall endevour to earn my green death. :thumright:

    Just another quick one though... Isn't the RM regarded offically as a special force?
  8. With a reply like this it is clear to me that you know very little about what the RM does. As i said before do the hard work first before endevouring to apply for anything else
  9. I'm not different, I'm special!
  10. I think he is too old to be the young lad who I heard of, seemed a bit shy and introverted to the rest of his fellow trainees, though well liked. Fast forward a couple of years, and he is seen at Poole, cutting about with the SBs.
  12. do they now select from the band ?
  13. you need to have done 3 yrs service, so eddie stone told me. seems like flogging a dead horse, but i'd concentrate on passing training first
  14. After re-reading i've realised that I must come across as rather mouthy so my apologies for the "green death" comment, and also thanks for the swift kick *********** concerning this subject... consider my neck wound in. :oops:

    Also many thanks to those who offered advice.

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