How are you linked to the Military?

Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by Jenny_Dabber, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. Husband is serving

  2. Wife is serving

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  3. Son is serving

  4. Daughter is serving

  5. Boyfriend is serving

  6. Girlfriend is serving

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  7. Husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend is joining

  8. Son/Daughter is joining

  9. Close friend is serving/joining

  1. How are you linked to the Military?

    I know this has been done in the Atr Deck forum but thought it may do some justice being here also.

    Lets hear it then :wink:
  2. RNR V SOON :D
  3. Hmmm I am the OH of the Royal Navy and a civilian Stewardess to the Army does that qualify me??
    My chief clerk keeps threatening to get me a "T" shirt saying works for the army sleeps with the navy!!
  4. I know this has been done before JD but this time you didn't provide an option for those of us still serving or those that are ex-RN.
    The only option in this poll for me is the close friend one as I, like many others, have a few bezzy oppos.
  5. Ex Matelot , and now have my youngest daughter in the RAF ,
  6. How old is she and where's she based? :wink: :grin:
  7. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    How am I linked.. pension and CEA!!

  8. She is 20 next month & you dont need to know where she is based , :neutral:
  9. Wouldn't say "Close".. But I have a couple of friends in the forces.
  10. Hubby is serving (RN), and has been fortunate(?!) enough to get himself an attachment to the RM's and so is on the land a hell of a lot more than he's at sea!!

    I'm new ny the way, so... Hello!! :D
  11. Hello Floobs and welcome to the site, plenty of subject matter other than forces so feel free to get stuck in. :thumright:
  12. Ex RN, but my eldest Grand son wants to be
    a Navy Helicopter pilot when he grows up.

    Can he do both?

  13. RN pensioner (2 payments so far) working as a designer in the civilian aerospace industry carrying out Avionic Design on millitary aircraft (C130).
  14. the boyfriend is in the navy and is going away in the new year :( so this forum seems to have alot of help and i think i will use it alot .... :D:D im also joining up in 2012 (the long wait due to the waiting times ) does anyone know any couples serving and how do they find it lifestyle wise?? i think i will be fine but u never know :D ??
    cheers :D.
  15. Ex Wafu..did over 3 years on loan to the Army Air Corps (Middle Wallop, Kluang, Kuching, Brunie) making sure bits didn't drop off their whirlybirds. As a 'pad' the Army certainly treats families well whereas, in my time, Pusser saw them as liabilities to be avoided!
  16. my old man joined the army at 16 and is still in at his ripe old age of 50 (well he was yesterday, should probably check after the announcements today!:-?), my sisters been in the raf for 4 years now and ill be starting BRNC hopefully in september after having to turn down an offer for May due to university admin team thats as useful as a chocolate oven :slow:

    i notice theres no option for that in the poll :protest: :laughing6:
  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You would be well advised to tell people that your sister is on the game, rather than in the RAF
  18. I once had an orgasm with a WREN.
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  19. Well i've more military connections than i have had hot dinners so to keep it on the RN side of things, both great-grandads world war 2, Grandad 1962-late70's, two bootie uncles, two bootie cousins and i'm in the waiting game for the mob myself.
  20. I can't remember any orgasms with bootnecks, might have been drunk/asleep.

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