How are you linked to the military?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Jenny_Dabber, Nov 26, 2006.

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  1. Son is serving (or going through basic)

  2. Daughter is serving (or going through basic)

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  3. My wife is serving (or going through basic)

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  4. My husband is serving (or going through basic)

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  5. Friend is serving (or going through basic)

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  6. Boyfriend is serving (or going through basic)

  7. Girlfriend is serving (or going through basic)

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  8. I am wanting to join up!

  9. Just a plain and simple interest in the Andrew!

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  10. Other half has retired from the RN/RM

  1. It is as easy as that, how are you linked to the military?

    This is for all those who have not served, do you have friends serving, your other half, an interest in the RN or is your Son or Daughter doing you proud?

    Let's hear it all folks!
  2. none of the above! Husband ex navy, son currently in basic training
  3. Fixed it!
  4. Well, I've gone for the closest option available. Although I'd probably replace 'wanting' with 'waiting' now. January 2nd, can't wait!
  5. Relatives in all three services, especially the RN (up to & including WW2). Most of naval side of family trained and were stationed at Devonport, as my dad's side of the family come from Plymouth. Served in (RAF connected) ROC and later in the RNXS. Loved it, especially the camaraderie. Miss that greatly - but have got it back from RR. :D
  6. daughter joined in 03 , and never a day goes by without me feeling so proud of her, or the times she has me in tears with her "dits" , she's quite petite so even more credit too her in a "mans" world , as for me I never would have thought I would be meeting so many high rankiing officers, and how can you top being a guest on board her ship for t200 as the queen sails by !
  7. oh bugger didn't wait for the poll to load oh well...........
  8. Ex, Matolet myself , Daughter in the RAF as a medic , went to Keogh Barrack's to see her pass out , so proud of her , she is only a little one , she did'nt tell anyone in the family that she was passing out as the top student , fxxk me , the tears flowed , she looked so smart in her uniform , she even had to get up & do a two minute dit on the course , my heart went out to her , but she cracked it , so proud ,
  9. Ditto mate , pride , :lol:
  10. None of the above! I am ex RN, but I have a nephew who joined the Army as scrawny 16 year old squaddie, but who will leave shortly as a Major. I also have a great nephew who is a Corporal with 2 RTR out in the sand. To round this off, my best buddies Daughter and Son-in-law are both "Crabs". She is nursing a broken leg at the moment gained by jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft! She now wants to do a "Tandem Jump"!! Will they never learn?

    Keep Striving
  11. RNR for 8 years.
  12. Soon to be RNR
  13. Long naval family tradition. Dad did 25 years, grandad about the same. 10 uninterrupted generations. Planning to join up myself
  14. All of them Royal Navy?
  15. me rnr. Grandfather (dads side) RM in WW2, Grandfather (mum's side) WO Royal engineers (TA) in WW2, Great uncle served in the RN as an ERA from 1933 until He was lost on the HMS Hood during WW2.
  16. Yes indeed. All RN officers to a man. Not sure about the rest but both my dad and grandfather were commanders when they retired
  17. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I am serving, my wife is serving, my Dad was a Royal Marine, Mother RAF, Grandad PO Stoker, his brother PO Stoker, their father Stoker 1st Class, his Father Stoker 1st Class. I was sort of born into it!
  18. I'm still in (18years).
    Paternal Grandad Killick Stoker WWII
    Maternal Grandad RAF Technician WWII
  19. RN (WAFU)

    TA (4 PARA)


    Dad was in 144 Para Field Ambulance for over 30 years, Uncle was RA then AAC for whole career. No immediate RN role models!
  20. Me RNR (just passed 5 years in last month), ex is ex-RN and now RNR, my father was RANR...missed a couple of generations then back to WWI, in which g-g-uncle was Australian Light Horse (killed Gallipoli), 3 other cousins killed in the AIF in France. Then merchant navy and army prior genrations back to my g-g-g-grandfather who fought at Waterloo in one of the Irish regiments...

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