How are you going to die


War Hero
While enjoying the cooking experience at a teppanyaki grill, your skilled but inebriated chef errantly sends a knife end over end until it buries itself in your forehead



Dont know how im going to die . But I want to be buried at sea and anyone who wants something from my estate can dance on my grave first


Lantern Swinger
"You are abducted by aliens for research purposes. After months of humiliating and invasive tests, you are returned to your point of abduction from a height of 3,000 feet."

higthepig said:

got this from arrse,iput myRR name in ,im going to die in a cinema when a
guy runs amock with a gun,i get shot in the head and bleed to death.

Being a smart ass I put in Adolf Hitler and was told he is already dead so this could be true you guys!!! SHOCK HORROR!!!!

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