How are classes at releigh named?


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Starts at 1 finish at 40 (ish) depending on how many entry's in the year. Names are the different divisions in phase one training.
@Blindbond re: How are classes at releigh = Raleigh* named?

FWIW Raleigh, Nelson, Fisher, Cunningham (and all those others, too) are named after certain Naval persons who, having made a significant contribution to our RN history, are worthy of a little background reading by anyone interested.



*Wiki indicates that you are not alone:
<< Many alternative spellings of his surname exist, including Rawley, Ralegh, Ralagh, and Rawleigh. "Raleigh" appears most commonly today, though he used that spelling only once, as far as is known. His most consistent preference was for "Ralegh"...>>

PS Please let us know if you find any Captains/Admirals named Random tucked away somewhere :WINK:

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