How and when are promotions given in the RN?


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At officer level anyway.
Obviously you get a promotion once you have passed out from BRNC.

Are they given ont he basis of how long you have been serving, how many deployments youve been out on or just for good behaviour (e.g. when one has excelled?).

Just curious. Thanks to whoever answers.



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As for promotion below the lofty heights of 1SL: promotion is within branch to Cdr RN, and I think to Capt RN. Beyond this, promotion is into certain jobs, some of which are tagged to specific competencies (i.e. Com(Ops) has to be a Submariner who has also driven a Surface Ship), others are more generic (FOSNNI is a good example of this).
Thanks for that. So promotion after Cdr RN and Capt RN is then sorted by those who are 2 ranks higher than you, and you also have to have physical qualities (such as submariner and surface fleet)l.

But before these ranks what are they based on then? Is it after X amount of years or after good behaviour etc.

I'm going in as Warfare Officer on surface fleet.

Nope, promotion to Lt Cdr and above is decided by a promotion board, all of whom will be 2 ranks above you. Promotion to Capt RN is on a "pool" basis - i.e. those selected are placed into a pool, and then individually taken out to fulfill specific jobs.

You have to be in zone to be selected for promotion: for Lt RN to Lt Cdr RN you need to have 5 years seniority in your current rank on the day of your promotion. As an example, if you were promoted to Lt RN on 01 Sep 00, then the earliest you could be promoted would be 01 Sep 05. Lt RN to Lt Cdr RN promotion boards sit in Feb of each year, for promotion in Oct of the same year.

As I have said, promotion to Lt RN is automatic, dependent upon you not being under warning on the day of promotion. On entry, you are granted seniority, dictated by your age and educational qualifications. The amount available has changed recently, Ninja_Stoker or your local ACLO will be able to outline how much seniority you will gain on entry.

The key decider for consideration for promotion is "merit". Merit is defined as:

"suitability and capacity to be employed in the next higher rank and beyond. De facto, promotion is not always awarded for current or previous good performance. Factors such as consistency of success (especially in the face of particular challenge), leadership and management acumen, accomplishment with people, ability to think at a level above peer group, potential flair for command and future employability in both specialist and broader appointments all constitute merit."
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