How Al Qaeda recruit suicide bombers

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by thingy, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. Not much chance of her getting raped the ugly cnut
  2. “Al-Qaeda is like a pyramid, so if you remove the head of that pyramid, the rest of it will start to fall apart.â€

    Erm, it may have been lost in translation but I'm fairly certain the whole point of a pyramid is lots of people at the base so the loss at the top doesn't actually matter that much!
  3. So what would happen if your turned it upside down and then removed the head. :lol:
  4. Maybe she is the rapist ? "Whats it going to be my little cherry ? me or the bang-bang corset?"
  5. I always understood (from all the posts by sex-starved matelots on RR) that after a few weeks at sea, sailors aren't fussy! :D

    She's ALL YOURS lads! :twisted:

  6. Thats only true regarding Human wimmin Thingy, this creature is new to science and as there are no living witnesses to its mating habits then even the bravest ,stalky'st will stand back from it.
  7. I'm not fussy...I'll take anything on two legs and most on four 8O

    Anyone want sloppy seconds?
  8. Have you now ,or have you ever done this old tart?
    If so speak now or forever hold yer septic stump.

    it is said that this old crone wears a strap-on fashioned from the fossilised nudger of a wolley mammoth with the words " allah is yer akbar and top doggie" written in 1" letters along it. Is this true?

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