Question came up in the pub last night,as usual it came to me for an answer people not questioning the fact I was a seaman and know nowt about such things so:
question asked!
If we lose so many men and vehicles to mines and IED's can these same IED's be triggered if we used Marine hovercraft type of transport?
Seems a couple of bar flys had seen USMC landing on beaches with these massively heavily armoured hover-craft.
I sought of fudged that the down draft may set it off and some IED's are triggered by command but I need an expert to answer it.
Got to be a reason why not,
I realise that hover skirts are an easy target for puncturing but I'm sure they can be protected in some way.
just want to a know the obvious reason so I'm clever down the pub. Cheers


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1. The skirt likes it nice & flat underneath.

2. Hovers are no end noisy & how do you steer in your own personal cloud of sand and dust?
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