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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by montfish, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. Going about my long-winded application for SFA in exmouth. Been told that (surprise surprise) there's no accomodation on the married patch so they've handed me over to a 'mega useful' civvie company to source me private accomodation. They are talkin about appartments but as far as i was aware, we are entitled to a detached house like on the married quarters.

    As i am on leave at the moment, and unable to access the intranet, would it be possible for someone to go onto the pussers intranet and find out exactly what a corporal is entitled to? I think its in JSPs under service families entitlement or something like that


  2. Try having a look here. this is accessable from civvy connection



  3. As an OR your entitlement is determined by the size of your family, not your rate. Eg. 1 or no child = 2 bedroom. 2 or 3 kids= 3 bedroom.

    As there is no SFA available you are offered Substitute SFA which is where a contractor (I think it is HCR group) offer you something from the private rental market. The contractor should find 2 properties which equate to your SFA entitlement and the HIC should check this before you are offered them. You then can view them and make your choice.

    Have a look at the Defence Estates Website JSP 464 can be accessed from this website so you can read up on the exact rules. JSP 464 part 1 Chapter 6 refers to SSFA
  4. JSP 315
    SCALE 22 Edition 3/July 1999
    Amendment No 20/August 2009
    SCALE 22
    1 This scale is to be read in conjunction with Scale 1. It
    is a guide to standards for Service Families' Accommodation
    for servicemen.
    2 SPACE
    a Three types of SFQ are provided:
    Type B 4 person 2 double bedrooms
    Type C 5 person 2 double & 1 single bedrooms
    Type D 7 person 3 double & 1 single bedrooms
    Type B quarters will only be built in exceptional circumstances
    b The quarters are normally to be semi-detached, but
    see Serial 5a for the impact of planning requirements.


    Page 54
    As stated above it is the size of family that dictates entilement, that entitlement is based on bedrooms and overall size in m2.

    Another examp[le of the failure of the housing system. Exmouth, Exeter, Lympstone and Topsham used to have more than adequate, and many very good, quarters.

  5. Cheers for the response, yea i totally agree I_M_D i put in my application in april, i'm supposed to start my new draft sept 14th and still not even an address!!!!

    You can complain, but at the end of the day, the civvie company still has the MOD contract so they don't really seem to give a shi'ite about the impact it's having on my hearing (from the wife permanently nagging me)

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