Housing for couples??

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Fisheggz, Feb 26, 2010.

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  1. Evening Lads,

    Just a quick question regarding accommodation, I have been in a relationship with a lass for the past 4 years but we are not married and neither do we have kids. What are the chances of us getting married quarters as I not been given a answer from the careers office as they seem to be unsure (or they don't want to tell me the answers no)

    Any clarification on the situation would be great.

    Cheers in advance
  2. You need to be married or be in a civil partnership.
  3. Before Civil Partnerships came in, the mob where allowing couples into married quaters in they could 'prove' they had been in a long term stable relationship. Now its reverted back to the requirement to be married.
  4. Where? Certainly not at Yeovil, Culdrose, Pompey or Guzz.

    If you're not married you have no chance whatsoever.
  5. It was passed a good few years ago, before civil partnerships came in, for a few years the Mod was forced to allow Non Married Couples that could prove a long term relationship (4 years rings a bell). They were forced due to the Equal Ops folks saying that a gay member of the armed forces should be provided with the same option for long term co-habiting accomodation. The same statement also said because of that they could not say non gay couples would have to be married to clasify for it. This all went out the windows when civil partnership came into play.
  6. I have never heard of that, certainly not since 2000 when I first tried.
  7. So I take it if I was to prove that I have lived with my parter for 3 years, using morgage statments that would not be enougth? Its annoying if thats the case because a weddings with my missis would cost a bloody fortune
  8. Unless you are married, you have no chance whatsoever, trust me, I have been trying for ten years.
  9. Married quarters; Theres a pretty big hint in the name.
  10. That argument would only work if it were the name.
  11. Why should it be incumbent upon the tax payer to subsidise your accomodation requirements so that you can live with your partner? She might up sticks and move within two minutes of you being in the mob. Don'ty be a wuss and make a commitment....she'll love you for it.

    If all you want is a cheap route to housing, don't enlist.
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I doubt it. The criteria can be complex, but in your particular case, the answer is indeed "No"....but there are other alternatives & schemes which are available.

    Service Family Accommodation
    [SFA] (which used to be called Married Quarters).

    In short, if you are married you are entitled to SFA, the size of which is dictated by the size of your family.

    The service will provide and charge rent for accommodation for you, but not your partner unless you have a family.

    If you're single with no dependent children, serving in a base area, you will live in either on the barracks in service Accommodation or live out in private rented or privately bought accommodation & need read no further, other than perhaps read the last two sections if you intend buying privately.


    Entitlement criteria. To be entitled to Service Family Accommodation (SFA) Service personnel must be:

    a. Aged 18 or over, have completed their initial training and be serving on a
    regular engagement with the UK Armed Forces, or be a Full Commitment (FC) Reservist as defined in single Service instructions. For those personnel under 18 years of age the parent unit must accept responsibility for their behaviour until the 18th birthday.

    b. In Personal status category (PStatCat) 1, 1C, 1S or 2 as defined below:

    c. Have at least 6 months to serve at the station where they qualify for SFA.


    1. The definitions of Personal Status Category (PStat Cat) into which personnel are placed for the purpose of determining entitlements to benefits are described below.

    2. All personnel are to be placed into one of the following PStat Cats:

    a. PStat Cat 1. Those in PStat Cat 1 will meet one of the following qualifying

    (1) A married member of the Armed Forces, who lives with their spouse,
    or who would do so but for the exigencies of the Armed Forces.

    (2) A member of the Armed Forces, who is registered in a civil
    partnership in accordance with the Civil Partnership Act 2004, or is in a civil
    partnership under an overseas scheme recognised under that Act, and who
    lives with their registered civil partner, or who would do so but for the
    exigencies of the Armed Forces.

    b. PStat Cat 2. Those in PStat Cat 2 will meet one of the following qualifying
    (1) A member of the Armed Forces who has parental responsibility
    within the terms of the Children Act 1989 for a child(ren) and who satisfies all
    of the following conditions:

    (a) Can properly be regarded as the centre and prime mover in the
    life of the child(ren).

    (b) Provides a home where they normally live with the child(ren)
    except where unable to do so for reasons attributable to their service
    in the Armed Forces.

    (c) Provides, where the child(ren) is unable to care for itself, a child
    carer who can look after the child(ren) during their absences
    attributable to their service in the Armed Forces. The child carer must
    not be the other natural parent of the child(ren). The other natural
    parent should normally only have staying access to the child(ren) for
    an aggregate of 56 days in any 12 month period. Staying access
    greater than this may render the Service person ineligible for PStat
    Cat2 (these restrictions on access do not apply while on recognised
    Unaccompanied Duty).

    (d) Accepts financial responsibility for the child(ren).

    c. PStat Cat 3. A member of the Armed Forces who is not in PStat Cat 1 or 2 and
    who provides financial support for their spouse or former spouse, civil partner or
    former civil partner, or child(ren) by voluntary agreement. In this case, voluntary
    agreement means financial support provided other than pursuant to an order made
    by a court, a Child Support Agency Maintenance Assessment, or the MOD under
    the relevant Service Act.

    d. PStat Cat 4. A member of the Armed Forces who is not in PStat Cat 1 or 2 and
    who provides financial support for their spouse or former spouse, civil partner or
    former civil partner or child(ren) under an order made by a court, a Child Support
    Agency Maintenance Assessment, or the MOD under the relevant Service act.

    e. PStat Cat 5. All other members of the Armed Forces.

    Assisted House Purchase Scheme

    The scheme is called the Long Service Advance of Pay .

    It’s rather complex, but in bite-sized chunks:

    1. First time buyers primarily. (Reduced amounts for former house buyers)
    2. Re-paid during your last 10-12 years service. (If you leave, you have to pay back full amount.)
    3. £8500 Maximum loan – you do not see the money- it’s paid direct to the conveyencing solicitor.
    4. Must be a UK property
    5. You must have completed training
    6. You/your dependent family must live in the property.

    The Armed Forces Home Ownership Scheme is available to qualifying regular serving members of the British Armed Forces who cannot otherwise afford to buy a home on the open market. There is no restriction on level of household income. Funding for the scheme is limited and applications will be taken on a first come, first served basis.

    Qualifying Criteria for All Applicants

    All applicants:

    * Must meet the basic MOD eligibility requirements for the scheme in particular that you have between 4 - 6 years continuous service at the point of application. We will seek confirmation of this from the MOD.

    * Must be a qualifying buyer unable to afford a suitable home that meets their housing needs in or around their area of preference.

    * Must be able to demonstrate access to savings or sufficient funds to pay a deposit (which may be 5% or more of the purchase price), legal fees, stamp duty and other costs of moving.

    * Must be able to sustain home ownership in the longer term.

    * Must have a good credit history - if you have rent arrears during the previous 12 months, are in breach of your current tenancy agreement or have an adverse credit history, including County Court Judgements, which means you are unlikely to be able to sustain ownership, you will not be eligible for the Armed Forces Home Ownership Scheme.

    * Existing and previous homeowners will be assessed on a case by case basis, taking into consideration their housing needs.

    Further details on buying your own house under this new scheme: http://www.afhos.co.uk/
  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Thanks to my enquiries on Facebook, you and your fiancee are planning for your wedding anyway. So perhaps you should worry about joining up and naming the big day first, before you worry about getting Quarters - with patience you will get one eventually. But not without a ring on your finger(s) first... Good luck! :thumbleft:
  14. Why should it cost a fortune?
    No need for a white wedding if you have been co-habiting for so long.
    Quick trip to the registry office and Bobs your Uncle :p
  15. Quicky at a registry office...

    That worked for me...

    The day after I marched into my quarter...

  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    ...or indeed the groom, in my case.


    Being the original "Cheap Skate", (wedding ring from Elizabeth Doo-dah at Argos etc.), think I still had change for a bag of chips & a pint from a hundred-squid.
  17. ....So does that make you "Bob-the-Press"?

    If correct this should avoid future confusion with some other Bobs at RR:

    Bob-the-Capitalist-Pig (Moi) & Bob-the-Animal-Farmer :wink:
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, I suppose "Press" is better than "Animal Farming", given the context

    Names & jobs always reminds me of our Welsh Sea-Dart maintainer on Southampton, who was referred to as "Jones the Rocket" in fine 'Ivor the Engine' tradition (Not that he was into animal farming that I'm aware of... well, Ivor may have been). :wink:
  19. What's up with you oversexed people? Couldn't you wait for the start of the honeymoon? 8O :D

  20. Unless you are married accompanied
    I was married accompanied in Gib, 30 Month draft, married accomodation became available after 18 months

    Rented a crap bed sit myself, You had to join a list and pay Ben Remo, the local spiv 10% of your wages each week until you became top of the list

    Fortunately for me, another sparker with the same name, had been on the list sixmonths, when a bed sit became available, He did not need to take it, but took it , I paid him his three months extra, and RN brought my MRS over
    $eity it was awful, but we were together and enjoyed it, quite fun really (12' x 8' room with cooker and cold shelf, shared bathroom)
    After a year RN had accomodation available, it was ex Royal Horse Artillary stables converted to flats in 1920 with a single coal fire, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen and sitting room, quite good but the alternative was waiting another six months for a caravan on the base

    I expect now you can demand three bedrooms for guest accomodation, with jacuzi, and spa for £10pw
    so stick to your guns and refuse to join unless the bend over

    Myself I was commited to 12years with no way out, so the crap accomodation was a bonus

    Jack McH

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