Housing after leaving the mob

Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by chockhead819, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone help me, I was talking to an army guy yesterday who will be leaving shortly. He phoned up the local housing group so he could move his family home before discharge & was told he would be placed at the bottom of a 3000 list. (mainly Poles!!)

    I thought the govt had changed the policy so ex-forces got priority & move up any list, Can anyone clarify this for me.

    I want to know before i start giving my mp & councilor a hard time.

  2. My misses works in the housing association world I will ask her after work, if you've not heard anything until then.
  3. cheers mate, all help gratefully received
  4. Do not be suprised if it is yet again more spin by the goverment and our service leaders.

    Or that the PC controlled councils ignore it, hopefully not and he will be given higher priority.
  5. Infact she's due to call at lunch time will ask her then to send me an email with the details and I will forward the info on.
  6. I have now spoken to my missus and she has said the following:

    "Housing associations usually do not have a duty to the homeless. Therefore they would only point you on how your suitable your current property is not the left you have been asked to leave.

    The local authority however do have a duty to homeless. Although a lot of local authorities don't have their own properties anymore they will still have nomination rights over housing associations properties - our local authority has nominations over 75% of the relets.

    A single male for arguments sake are normally not classed as 'priority' and therefore due to the high demand of homeless or temporary accomodation we usually be turned away.

    A family (whether that is a couple, of single parent of either sex) or vunerable people are classed as priority so you are more likely to get temporary accomodation when you are on their door step with your worlds belongings on your back.

    Unfortunately I don't know if a local authority will give you a priority for rehousing (not homeless) because you are an ex-serviceman.

    I do know as you are currently serving you will be classed as a key worker and therefore will get priority for purchasing affordable housing."
  7. I do not know the rules at present, but, many years ago, your service time (for example 22 YEARS) from the day that you joined the forces from the age of 18, counted whether you lived in a tent onboard a ship or a married quarter, you were entitled to live anywhere within the UK with a 22 year head start on the waiting list, on the grounds that whilst you were in the Services you had no choice of where you lived, I know that to be a fact.

    Perhaps someone should challenge this fact, for I have no reason to believe it has changed, but, something must be written somewhere as to the reason that it was changed, if indeed it was. Write to your MP and ask the question, these are not things that are broadcast.
  8. Wokingham Council told me;

    'You have to apply for housing in the town/council area that you signed up to the military with', you can either wait on a bloody long list, claim you are homeless and the council will pay a partial/daily amount towards a B&B/place you in a hostal or you can go along with private housing.

    Private housing is your best bet but there is no gaurantee as to how much the council will pay towards your rent. Councils differ from borough to borough, so you need to speak to the relevant council. There are rules on what they will cover, like parents/single parent with a child over 1 (i think) can apply for private homing cost for a max. of a 2 bedroom. I think they view children can share a room unil their teenage years or something. It can take a few months for the subsidised rent to come in though, it takes around a month to 6 weeks for their decision to come through. Keeping in mind that some landlords will not accept private housing payments from a council.

    It's worth a shot for you or the Mrs to pay a trip to the borough council you wil move to, as sometimes the person ont he end of the phone doesn't know what the hell they are talking about.

    Good luck xx
  9. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    There is a thread on this topic HERE I've pm'd Hitback asking him to divulge his latest info on the subject. There is also a thread on ARRSE linked from the first post in the thread - may be more up to date.
  10. Believe that and you'll believe anything.

    Councils are lying two faced twats who speak with forked tongue. Bournemouth council shafted me good and proper when I left after 7 years of; yes you can have a council house. Then when I left - they laughed. And I ended up with a mortgage because private rental is too bloody expensive.
  11. Thanks for all that, I think I will have to email my MP.
    The guy in question is in cyprus, wants a Housing Authority house & seems to be regarded as making himself homeless!!
  12. Chockhead, read my post and ask him when and why it changed ( If it has)
  13. Hig, they effectively 'means test' you. The paper work you are required to complete goes into your finances - everything. If you have completed 22, your pension and gratuity are taken into account and if they are above the undisclosed threshold they deny you any rights to a council house.

    Wrong but true although saying all that, it may be different councils may have different rules.
  14. This is what I have written to my MP with a little dig in it

    I wonder if you can help me, I have recently had a phone call from a member of the XX Regt, currently in cyprus. I do voluntary work thats why he made contact

    The guy (never gave his name)was looking for help in getting a house in Carlisle after he leaves the Army, he was told that he would be placed on the housing list of CHA (around 3000). It would appear that in CHA eyes that he is making himself homeless by leaving the Army.

    I feel very angry that a person sent by your party to fight in Afghanistan, can't get help in getting any priority at all for housing after leaving the services.

    He isn't in a position to purchase a home.

    When I left the Navy in 1987, I was given priority because of my service, over the years this has priority seems to have disappeared. I feel it is morally wrong that people who don't work or are immigrants seem to get more priority.

    Is it possible to instigate a change or get priority?
    if possible could you give me some idea of how to get help for other ex-servicemen/women wishing to live back in Carlisle.

    They should get some help after service seeing as Labour sent them to war, short staffed & under equipped!
  15. As I said, I know for a fact.
    I left july 79, had no option but to buy an old house in Burghead, Jan 80 I joined the Ambulance Service and after training was attatched to Elgin. The house was far from big enough but the children were young.

    I picked up a patient one day, he used to be the Civvy Ambulance driver at Lossie, I knew him, what I did`nt know was that he was also a councillor in Elgin. To cut a long story short, after we had chatted about this and that, he told me the Rules, within two weeks I had a brand new house in Lossie, my neighbour ex Navy already new the rules and got the house next door. no questions about means rests at all, my first post states quite clearly what the rules are, or were at that time. Someone needs to be asked When did the Rules Change and Why. Untill that is answered we are in a deadlock. This Council Says this, this Council says that. Who is to be believed?
  16. Hig I think that is my point.

    Each council seams to have it's own criteria. I think Chockhead 819 should make contact with Carlisle council first before writing to his MP.

    In 92 when I left if you had savings in excess of £8k and a monthly income less than what my pension was I was deemed by Bournemouth Council to be ineligible for a council property. To quote you - fact!
  17. As I said in my first post, You Could live anywhere, it was not a Council thing it was a Government thing, that is why I am saying, get the answer off an MP.
  18. Tommo's missus here.

    "I know with our local authority that years spent living in forces accomodation only counts when it comes to buying your rented home from us"

    "Housing benefits will only cover for certain sized properties depending on your family size - this is rediculas because if you are a housing association tenant and 1 single person in a 4 bedroom house they will cover it all if you are eligible!!

    For HA you are only allowed the bedroom requirements for your family. You are also right about children - a child under 1 is not deemed to require its own bedroom. If you have 2 children of the same sex then they do not require their own bedroom. If you have 2 children of different sex up to 12 (I believe) they do not require their own bedroom."

    "Unfortunately that doesn't surprise me. Not that I agree what so ever, but they will see it that he has accomodation but as he has chosen to leave the forces he has made the choice to make himself homeless - very wrong I know! It is so the council's do not actually had to have the responsibility or make the government understand the real number of people that require housing assistance. Maybe some councils are more relaxed than others"

    "For housing benefits in our district if you (and partner if applicable) earn over £15-£16k usually you wont be able to get assistance.

    They look at your income, then look at the government figures which says how much a family needs to survive and pay you the difference.

    If you have savings this can reduce the amount you receive or stop it at all. If you have over £22k (could be slightly higher) savings you won't be given any priority with the housing association I work for"
  19. Applying for any housing benefits from any council, they will ask you about savings, which you have to declare, if you don't, it could come and bite you back int he bum. The paper work is long and the process too but worth it if you get it.

    I earn £16.5k p/a as a single parent and got told that I was on a high pay band and therefore, I am only entitled to £40 p/m as help towards my rent.

    But councils differ so you will need to pay your local housing office a visit.

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