House share ?.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by AAF, Aug 19, 2013.

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  1. AAF

    AAF War Hero

  2. I know a lady who shares her house and herself with lesbian sisters. A bloke lives there as well but, as yet, haven't ascertained his involvement.
  3. I know different strokes for different folks and all that but i couldnt be doing with someone chortling my mannn, bizarro.
  4. Put more than one adult female in a household arrangement and you're just asking for trouble :rolleyes:

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  5. Cameraman?
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  6. 'They share a house in Sheffield' all makes sense now :)
  7. OK let me get this straight

    Charlie (F) is married to/shagging Tom (M) but also shagging Chris (M) but not at the same time.

    Tom is shagging Sarah (F) who's engaged to /shagging Chris (M) but not at the same time as he's shagging Charlie.

    Sarah (F) is also shagging Charlie (F) but Tom and Chris are not into shagging each other but into video games!

    Riiiiight! Sounds like every Matelots dream! Dredd ... you want a sound man??????
  8. I think they should explore eachothers chocolate rings to make this set up more sexual equality friendly. I wonder who started this set up up though- one of the women to keep hold of the bloke? Or a bloke put it in the wrong hole and the next day they had a chuckle about it and started exploring the possibility of exploring other milky ways. Also do they go 3's up? Gang bangs? Or just 2 at a time- so many questions, so few answers. I wonder if they are on fabswingers and looking for a newbie.
  9. and you would know the existence of this how?????????????????????
  10. Some of my good friends are matelots, of course i have heard them talk of it the filthers! How do yoooou know about it? :p
  11. I didn't until you brought it up! ... I would Google it however "websense" kicks in at work so have to rely on your graphic description!
  12. AAF

    AAF War Hero

    You have it about right MG, just 4 fugly twats sharing a house.....and each other.
  13. Yep thats about right Stirl ... seems its share and share alike until the two blokes get into some on line gaming actvity whereuopon the two munters have a game of rug munching on their own! Each to their own I suppose!
  14. Its basically for desperados to get their willies wet or foofs fed, i hope i never reach that level of desperation but good to know places like that do exist in case. I did think that this arrangement was born out of the womens insecurities but didnt wanna sound like a bitch.
  15. Fabswingers is a pain in the arse...getting through all the replies is equal to a full time job without the pension scheme :neutral: (or so I've been told)
  16. Do you reckon they have a shared Plenty of Fish profile?
  17. Why is it that the girls seem to know more about this phenomenon than the guys?
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  18. :laughing3: I agree............

    Maibelle / Rachel ... how do you know more about this than the fella's?????????????
  19. I'll tell ya the truth but it ain't pretty. I know about it as me and some friends were snooping on one of their worse halfs as he was acting shady- searched the site for the username he uses for everything and there he was in all his slutty glory the dirtbag. Of course we made a fake profile and led him to believe that we were some filthy filly from fareham who needed a good rogering and liked to triple dip in the wrong order. I found out about its existance in the first place from a friend who said he had used it and found all kinda freaks on there, so my bad for letting me friend know it existed i suppose. I apologize that this aint as exciting as it should be!
  20. It was suggested to me by the owner of a sex shop in Cheltenham - (ex)husband and I looking for ways to perk up our marriage so made a profile but decided not to take advantage of the many interesting offers we had.

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