House of Commons Defence Committee inquiry into Medical Care

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by HumbleFootsoldier, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. The House of Commons Defence Committee is running an inquiry into Medical Care for the Armed Forces. It's just re-opened the web forum it ran back in June, with some new issues and an opportunity to comment on the inquiry.

    The link is
  2. Re: House of Commons Defence Committee inquiry into Medical

    Thanks for the tip. I don't think that it will make much of a difference to care provision, because healthcare for Service people has always been too low on the radar, but the forum is welcome in any case.
  3. Re: House of Commons Defence Committee inquiry into Medical

    Oh for Heaven's sake...


    c,mon Navy. What sort of message is it gonna send if no-onew bothers to post this time around?

    We got the thing extended three times in the Summer, I seem to remember.

    Get on it!
  4. If the Government response to the petition to save Haslar and provide dedicated military care for Servicemen got the thumbs down from this shower of uncaring twatts, what good is an inquiry which will eventually ignore whatever you/us say, because this is just another token gesture by "a Government that cares and listens" ?
  5. Re: House of Commons Defence Committee inquiry into Medical

    hopefully Mr Twigg will remember the stuff he was told in the Falklands by Vets ie GPs failing to understand PTSD & telling people "to pull themselves together"
  6. Re: House of Commons Defence Committee inquiry into Medical

    i Personally do not blame GPs ,blame the Government for knowing what is likely to occur,we should examine how we approach poeples medical conditions instead of asking have you sufferred from any of the following.......... what about one question like has the applicant got any medical condition that may effect emplyment ,and let the Employer be responsible for the enviroment that he subjects any one to thats my mission
  7. Re: House of Commons Defence Committee inquiry into Medical

    This has just been extended to 7 Dec, so don't hold back.
  8. There is a lot more to keeping Haslar on than just providing a dedicated hospital (and a bit of service pride). One of the reasons that we lost the military hospitals was that they could not provide the quantity and quality of training and throughput that would ensure the continued proficiency of the doctors nurses and allied health professionals that the Colleges required. After all, our population is essentally 17 - 40 and predominantly male; a sector of the population that rarely gets ill and if they're in a hospital bed, they've had some sort of trauma or have alcohol poisoning....
  9. Wouldn't disagree with any of that. However, Haslar is still in MOD ownership and it could fulfil a Service role and give the DMS a "home", which RCDM will never do.

    If the function of the Rehab Centre at Headley Court were to transfer to Haslar, combined with maintaining an inpatient orthopaedic facility with some plastic and general surgery input, the needs of those who have returned from ops and are past the acute stage of their treatment could all be met on one site.

    I'm sure that the leafy Headley Court site occupied would realise more for the MOD / Exchequer than selling off the furthest reaches of Gosport.
  10. Re: House of Commons Defence Committee inquiry into Medical

    I think HC is owned by a Trust and leased to the MOD - grateful citizen and all that.

    If your plan was put in place, there would still be a need for all the other specialties and so you'd need access elsewhere - and that would be NHS hospitals because of the small numbers. And that takes it full circle back to funding... :(

    Notwithstanding, it would be a great solution to put everything back in HAslar, including training (close and sell DMSTC also in Surrey :thumright: ? and slowly falling apart). But it aint gonna happen.

    (You should know I am one of those who looks back with fondness, and loved my time at RNH P but I do try to be pragmatic about these things)
  11. Medical Care for the Armed Forces

    The Medical Care for the Armed Forces eConsultation has now been extended for a further week until the 7 December 2007. If you would like to send in written evidence to the inquiry, please send it the committee's e-mail or postal address [contacts].The transcripts of the four oral evidence sessions held so far in this inquiry, and some of the written evidence received, are available at [transcripts / memoranda1 and memoranda2].
  12. Re: House of Commons Defence Committee inquiry into Medical

    Again, no arguments. There will never be a situation where the Forces could return to Service Hospitals, but there is no reason why there could not be a specialist centre for orthopaedics and rehab, as you said before, Service personnel tend to be male, relatively young and relatively fit. Orthopaedics and rehab are, therefore, the areas likely to affect the workforce.

    It ain't gonna happen will only apply if common sense really is dead!

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