Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by Guzzler, Jan 24, 2010.

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  1. Has it gone temporarily tits or am I just my usual 'puter lucky self?
  2. Works fine for me.
  3. Bollocks.

    Thanks - obviously got a snag.
  4. Works fine for me too
  5. Working fine to.
  6. Many thanks all. The much maligned Zoidberg has advised me well and it's sorted.

  7. He's actually very charming and intelligent in the flesh.
  8. Far too much information there soleil 8O .

    But yes, the chap was helpful.

    Just goes to show what a crap medium tinternet can be at times eh?

    I, for example, am actually a lithe, bronzed, 26 year-old hunk with an eight bedroom house and a fast car (the model escapes me at the moment).

    And a minor fantasy problem.


    The Duke of PL11
  9. What're you after? 8O
  10. student
  11. Where as I have it on good authority that you Soleil are a vicious sociopath, who makes the Kray brothers look like cast members off Rainbow.
  12. That's why I like her.

    My sort of murderer.
  13. Broken head.
  14. Soleil, I dont know what you have going with young Timmy; but when he resorts to this perhaps you may consider revising your opinion:

    Re: AET info and PJFT tips please ??
    Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 1:13 pm

    From bjuliebryant:
    Hey guys, my names beth, im 17 and have applied for the navy on the Air engineering techie course. Im having trouble getting motivated to run and with breathing running, im panicking a little with the test coming up, im not hitting my targets but i know im not puching myself. any help??
    I want to know about the AET course aswell, if anyones got any info or experience you could pass on??

    Tim's response was

    1) Get your tits out
    2) Let someone like Blackrat or JonnoJonno chase you for a bit
    3) Pass PJFT (Or get it in the arse. Your call)

    Up to you, Sols.... :?: :roll:

    PS How is your 10-Pin Bowling coming along?
  15. As Guzzler pointed out:

  16. Jane (of Rod,Jane & Freddy) would definitely have got it (but probably not from me :( )

  17. Methinks you are 'Albino Rodente' and not to be trusted. Unless, of course, you are vying for position. Then it's 'Fair Play' :wink:
  18. Got a problem, cannot get in to my E-Mail account.

    Every time I try to get on to an "MSN" site it says I`ve got a connection problem check leads etc. no probs as Im on here

    Check ssl +tsl , done, both on.

    Norton have checked it out, no virus and disconected norton still no go.

    Gone in to advanced tools and reset orginal settings.

    Went on to msn help site, cannot get passed the title pages as it goes back to "connection problem, check leads etc etc"

    any other ideas anyone?

    Thanks in anticipation
  19. Switch PC off, go to pub and try to fix it after you consume 20 pints. Won't help read your emails but you'll have forgotten all about them after the first half dozen pints. :lol:
  20. Have you played with the firewall settings on your wireless hub recently?

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