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Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by soleil, Jun 21, 2011.

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  1. Any personal recommendations?

    Very grateful for any suggestions!
  2. I've stayed at the Grand Metropole Sol, it was a good hotel and reasonable prices.
  3. Worked there for 17 years,Metropole is good but can be pricey,Norbreck Castle up the top end is very large and reasonable.
    Depends on the budget,if it's tight, stay away from the front,there are plenty of good hotels just back from the seafront at half the front price, opposite the North Pier.
    If you want my advice, depending on your circumstances,for a family stay away from Blackpool and book a good hotel where I lived in Lytham St Annes,it's quiet and only 4 miles from the noise and bustle of the Pool,a short bus ride in,if you are after a radgy time stay near the front.
    You'll get no sleep in the Pool,it fires up all night so,what suits you best is the answer.
    If you are single Rumours is the best pub in the UK and Funny Girls is the best show[all Trannies dressed up but it's very good]
  4. Completely agree with Seafarer Sol.
    Plus, any of the smaller hotels in Blackpool, you will have trouble parking, and the traffic system at present is an absolute nightmare!

    St Annes is good for bus routes to Blackpool, but also has it's own night life if you get fed up with the bright lights and candy floss.

    Good luck.
  5. Sol,

    I'd agree with Steve. Worth paying a little exrta for a sea view room, plentiful parking and set apart from the noisy end. A little bit of faded elegance perhaps, but generations of politicians chose it and they are never wrong when it comes to the trough, are they?

    Blackpool Hotel Metropole | Hotels in Blackpool | Britannia Hotels

    Funny Girls? Stumbled upon it by accident but what a laugh!! The gay cast did a send up of the Sound of music and I can never hear any songs from that show without smiling at the way those Funny Girls performed their version.

    BTW, I'd suggest giving Johne a shout - He's a Blackpudlian and he might even be persuaded to buy you sticky greens up there.
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  7. I like sticky greens he can buy me some.
  8. Having been born and lived here nearly all my life. Iv'e never stayed in a hotel here.
    Areas to avoid are Dickson rd. Central drive area. Around North shore is pink city.
    Try Travel lodge or Premier inn.
    Sticky greens ?
  9. I use Travel Lodge near the Pleasure Beach.
    Book far enough in advance and a room costs less than £30 a night. No breakfast but plenty of places in Blackpool to eat.
    I'm off in november for a few days
  10. I will translate......Stiky Gleens
  11. Sticky greens can be either drinks based on Crème de menthe or the drinks 'ladies' would try to entice innocent matelots into buying in bars in the Far East.
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You know this how Sol?
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  13. Ah yes like Green chatreus. Prob spelt that wrong.
  14. Errmm ... had to look it up, to be honest!
  15. Kev Hodges, a dabber on one Boat I was on, had a Guest House in Blackpool, try the phone book, may still be in business?
  16. Sorry last entry I can find 2008? maybe given up?

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