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Hotel/tourism networking event


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I thought I would post this; a friend is holding a networking evening for businesses/people in the tourism/leisure/hotel sector.


It's a genuine event, being held by event management students.

Speed Networking Evening sponsored by The Event School London

Are you looking to...
• Jump start your career
• Meet people in Industry and discover how they got there
• Ask questions about the world of events
• Take away some contacts for life
• Meet the Rising stars of the Future in Events

This is a golden opportunity for industry professionals, entry level staff and students to meet up and establish new links. It is aimed at everyone who is interested in the event industry.

Registration is open from 18.30 where you will be given your complimentary drink upon arrival. We’ll be starting at 19.00 SHARP with an inspirational speech, followed by a drinks reception and snacks.

Tickets are £10+VAT, please visit us on or e-mail our sales team on [email protected] for purchase and further information.

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Joe_Crow said:
I just hope it's not in Wokingham or Maidenhead.

lol no, it's going to be around the east docklands area, London

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Jenny_Dabber said:
Seriously, if you have an issue with me, PM it, leave it off flooding relevant threads from constant drivel.

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