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Hotel For Heros.


War Hero
GULF veteran Mike Taylor has announced plans to open a hotel giving free holidays to war heroes.

Bridge For Heroes would reward former servicemen and their families with five-day breaks at the former Bridge Hotel in Sutton Bridge.
The pioneering scheme is particularly poignant, coming at the time of the year when we remember our fallen heroes.

It would also incorporate a heavily subsidised cinema and gym for both guests and the general public.The scheme would create 22 full-time and 49 part-time jobs.
Promises of funding for the scheme have already been secured and Mr Taylor is hoping today's Lynn News article will pave the way for more donations.

"This will be a milestone in bringing about change for locals and nationals, and save a 200-year-old heritage building," he said.
" In a time when the area is encountering many social problems my project will give back to the community in the form of jobs, facilities and other innovative schemes."

The pioneering scheme for the Bridge Hotel in Sutton Bridge would also see the opening of a heavily subsidised gym and cinema and bring much-needed jobs to the area.

'Bridge For Heroes' is the brainchild of former Gulf veteran Mike Taylor and would be a non-profit making enterprise. Around 480 servicemen would enjoy free five-day weekday breaks there every year, and 22 full-time and 49 part-time jobs would be created by the hotel and other ventures.

It would also help those with mental and physical disabilities by providing work attachments.
Financial support has already been pledged by businesses and organisations locally and nationally.

Mr Taylor – who lives in Sutton Bridge – is hoping this exclusive article will capture the public's imagination in the same way the national Help For Heroes charity has and prompt more donations.

The 44-year-old vet, who has served in Northern Ireland and Bosnia during 17 years in the British Army, said: "This will be a milestone in bringing about change for locals and nationals, and save a 200-year old heritage building. In a time when the area is encountering many social problems my project will give back to the community in the form of jobs, facilities and other innovative schemes."

Bridge For Heroes would see a variety of business ventures under one umbrella company.

Its aims would be to:

•Give veterans and their families holidays;

•Provide a 200-seat cinema for the veterans and the local community;

•Offer other attractions such as a museum, military library, tea room, gym, sauna, crèche and function room;

•Run as a normal hotel at weekends and as a special events company for weddings, birthdays etc.

Mr Taylor, who has also served in the police force and civil service, stressed that Bridge For Heroes will be a non-profit making organisation and any surplus after operating costs will be ploughed back into the community.

For instance, he is keen to develop local parks and improve buildings.
The plan is for initial funding to start up and operate the business for two years, putting in place revenue drives that would enable it to become self-sustainable after the third year.
The building has not been occupied since closing as a hotel in 2007. Only 10 miles from Lynn, Mr Taylor feels there would be a keen uptake of the facilities from over the river.

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