Hot or not?


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A dilemma - is wearing black tights and shorts/ hotpants (on a woman, I hasten to add) visually hot - or does it look like a minnie mouse impression gone horribly long?

As it's friday thoughts please.


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Despite the illusion they are trying to create, many women who try this end up with legs that look like cottage cheese poured into a condom.
Are these not the items of attire worn by ladies with a somewhat ample posterier (or fat arse) ...and when said pants fail to provide the desired results (Significantly reduce the perceived or actual size of said 'fat arse'), the pants shoulder all of the blame?
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There are some that look hot!

There are some that should really check in a mirror before leaving the house!

And there are some that really should be nailed in a coffin!


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The more opaque and matte the tights the better and the shorts must have a few inches gap around the thighs in order not to create the "blancmange cut with cheese wire" effect when trying to sit in an elegant, ladylike manner.

But in truth... it is not a look I don myself. You need longer legs than me in order to carry it off well.