hot gossip


Lantern Swinger
Not 1SL on the radio missing the point of a joke about football players?

Radio host - so, you won't be wanting any DIVERS then.....?
1SL - oh no, we are recruiting across all branches.
Radio host - no, I meant divers, people who fall over in the tackle.....
1SL ........................


Ratrat said:
navyman said:
anyone want some gossip?

got to gauge interest before i post!


Why do I get a feeling that this is just a wind-up?

only just retrieved your post - this is absolutely not a wind-up ....i'm just being careful, don't want to be sued or something


Lantern Swinger
He is stringing us out as 1st april is fast approaching and then its going to be some crap like we are getting a 20 percent pay rise for all our recent efforts etc