hot Bootneck action on Weston beach!


Any Royals here like to comment on this? Per mare Per Terram indeed

A police officer sacked over claims that he joined in with a man and woman having sex at a seafront beauty spot while on duty has dropped his claim to be reinstated.

As exclusively revealed in the Evening Post, PC Darren Lumber, a married father-of-two, was accused of engaging in sexual activity with a North Somerset mum and a Royal Marine in a car park at Sand Bay, Weston.

The 35-year-old had always maintained his innocence and vowed to clear his name by appealing to the Home Secretary John Reid.

However, he has decided not to fight to get his job back as beat manager of Kewstoke Village, Weston, the Evening Post has learned.

Mr Lumber had intended to plead his case in front of a police appeal tribunal in Whitehall. It is understood he got as far as filling out the paperwork for the London hearing after Chief Constable Colin Port refused to give him his job back.

A source close to Mr Lumber told the Evening Post he had dropped his claim because of rising legal costs.

He is accused of driving alongside the couple's car as they were having sex and asked them to go to a more secluded spot. Once there, both men were said to have engaged in sexual activity with the woman, whose name the Evening Post agreed not to reveal.

She lives in North Somerset with her partner and children.

The Marine flew out to Afghanistan on a seven month-tour of duty shorty after the Post broke the story in September.

The National Trust's Sand Point car park has been popular with doggers - people who engage in sex in public places with, or in front of, strangers - for a number of years.

Senior officers learned about the accusations after the Marine bragged to friends in Weston about the incident.

After a full investigation, Mr Lumber was dismissed on grounds of misconduct while on duty. At the time, Assistant Chief Constable Steve Mortimore branded him a disgrace to the police service.

Mr Lumber was unavailable for comment last night, but a source close to him said: "He could not afford to fight his appeal case."

Back in September he vowed to prove his innocence saying in statement: "I have strongly denied this allegation from the start and have the full support of my family and close friends."

Any officer dismissed can request that the Chief Constable reviews the decision. Following that an appeal can be lodged with the Home Office.

Ian Drury, an Avon and Somerset police spokesman, confirmed that Mr Lumber had withdrawn his appeal to the police appeals tribunal.


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I see that yet again the womans name is withheld to 'protect' her. So its ok for her to engage in night time activities with strangers but when the proverbial hits the fan the copper looses his job (own fault), the RM no doubt gets a pat on the back and a well done from his mates (video to appear on YOUTUBE in the near future) and she walks away scot free.

As this activity was not illegal why should all parties not be named and shamed, just because she has a partner and kids - what about the coppers family and what they will have to live with.......

If the RM was in a relationship he probably got a good ear bending before his other half told him that in future all night time activities that do not include the rest of his troop should only involve him n her


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PMSL :lol: , sorry but the don't Police Ossifers have the Police Association (coppers union) to help with legal costs etc, perhaps he was fighting it alone because even they wouldn't believe him, which says it all.
Perhaps a former Constable/Inspector RReR could explain. :wink:
TOP DOGGING DIT YOU MATLOW TWAT- The other little known fact was the bird did the copper with his truncheon (no lube) and then took phots, its on utube under "weston super arsemare" Bahhhhhhhhhhh!
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