Hostage: I'll be weatherman


Lantern Swinger
From NO(a position of some respect) to TV weatherman.....some come down...but then he had to do something as his career is a dead duck now.


Lantern Swinger
I'm not convinced. Ar eyou going to go out without a brolly if he says its all going to good.

I'd rather have terry waite or that shot down crab telling me whether its going to piss down or not.
H*ll he is only a lowly Lt, his carreer is no way over, if he stays in. As for being a weather man as has been said good luck if he does, but before we all jump of the bridge this was a Scum story, and very much their interpretation and spin. No doubt they just want to stir things up more and piss of the Wail and Express a bit more.
" SUN reader Stephen Crook was “chuffed to bits†last night after winning one of the dodgy suits given to our freed Royal Navy hostages by the Iranian government.

The 33-year-old electrical appliance tester, of Leighton Buzzard, Beds, said: “I’ll probably wear it a few times for a laugh, then I might flog it on eBay.â€

I think this really says a lot for what the news in the Sun is; tabloid tripe. Not even the Daily Mirror has ever stooped to this level, but actually considering this bit of information as a worthy story to publish? The Sun newspaper has always liked to fashion itself in the past as the forces paper, supporting our boys out on the front.

If Lieutenant Carman wishes to pursue a career as a television weather reporter then that is his own affair and I fail to see why this should be publically mocked in the papers.


Lantern Swinger
ahh well lets not be too hasty about putting the boot into the sun. It does feature a bird dressed as a schoolie on todays front cover. Without going all "caretaker" I do like that.

Also, does anybody know how I can get hold of lt. Carman? I need to know if i can leave me washing out all day tomorrow whilst i am at work.

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