Hostage Faye Turney hasn't given share of cash to crewmates

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. And the only reason the Mail are getting sanctimonious about it is because she turned down their offer and sold out to the Stun instead....

    Ah well, who cares

  2. Re: Hostage Faye Turney hasn't given share of cash to crewma

    FAYE! If you kiss and tell darling, then you kiss and tell!! No doubt there will be a 'Sun' newspaper heading in the distant future saying 'I never meant to hurt anybody' & 'ITV edited what I said' & 'I am having Simon Cowell's love child...'. Good luck to you. Take said money and immigrate!! Please just not to Oz or Nz OK?
  3. Re: Hostage Faye Turney hasn't given share of cash to crewma

    You might be right there, though I can't think why they would want to keep this "story" alive.
  4. Oh FFS! Whilst I was a vociferous opponent of you lot picking on Faye because of what she looked like and what size she was, do you really think she was going to give a decent proportion of the monies away? Good grief no, perhaps a small amount to the ship's fund and the rest to the Faye Fund.

    Get real.
  5. Re: Hostage Faye Turney hasn't given share of cash to crewma

    I never thought she would give anything anyway
  6. Bet the ship could get a shipload of cash if they approached the Mail with an offer of the Fay journals as written by her bezzie oppo's.
  7. The article did say that she is away on a course at the moment, Pie eating course?[​IMG]

  8. Nice one hig , lol , :wav:
  9. Re: Hostage Faye Turney hasn't given share of cash to crewma

    The course being; "How not to pay any monies from my ill gotten gains", to my shipmates. :salut:
  10. When you accept the thirty pieces of silver, that`s when things start to go downhill, greed and avarice come into play. Does anyone think that I would have accepted the coin?

    Fcuking right I would.[​IMG]
  11. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    It's her money and nobody else's business what she does with it - she'll probably never see a cheque that big again in the whole of her life.
    People vastly senior to her who should have shown better judgment handed her this jackpot and they are the ones to be criticised. I would criticise an officer who had not the good sense to say (after negotiating the highest sum imaginable) 'now write the cheque to RBL/KGV etc' but not a junior rating.
  12. £80,000 will buy you a shit load of Pies and Thick shakes!
  13. Has LS Turney been back to sea since her episode with Iran or has she been shore side on"career courses" since.???
  14. Perhaps It`s that Topmast thingy that you have nowadays. :w00t:
  15. Re: Hostage Faye Turney hasn't given share of cash to crewma

    Heard a rumour that "Cap'n Jaspers" had been bought out by an ugly overweight Wren.
    Any truth on this rumour?
  16. With 80,000 quid to chuck about , she has suddenly become very attractive!
  17. The CORNWALL 15 were innocent!!! It was the wrens arse that strayed into Iranian waters!!
  18. What a miserable bitching shower you lot are!
    Give the girl a chance. None of us would have liked to be in her situation.
    None of us would really know how we would have reacted.
    Having survived that situation and being presented with the opportunity to make a few quid beyond your pay scale by some fuckwit with a yard of gold braid, and a few "weekend warriors" in Whitehall, who amongst you would not have been tempted.
    Re-read Hig's post, and Seaweed's.

    Good on ya Faye!

  19. I am still angry that they were allowed to sell their stories. The whole episode has to be the single most embarrassing episode that I have witnessed during my years of service ... but I don't blame the crew. They received advice during de-briefing and some of them acted upon it. It is as if selling their stories suited the Govt at that time because it deflected some of the crap that was going their way … for a time at least.

    Now we find that she hasn't given her "shipmates" any dosh. Big deal; after all the crap that has been thrown at her she deserves a break and if matlots are true to form, her "shipmates" have probably given her tons of grief, I mean banter. It would seem that she is showing some strength of character by trying to get on with her career and not sticking her notice in and suing the MOD for constructive dismissal.


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