Hospital food at 90p!Hungry?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. What's your point?
  2. Is that what you get in hospital or is the sort of food that is designed to put you in hospital?
  3. The point is that this was taken from the Guido Faulke's website highlighting the fact that MP's meals are subsidised by nearly half,a good steak is £6 roughly and we pay a £5 subsidy on that whilst hospital food is at 90p a person.
    If you think that ill people will get better on such rubbish as shown then that's your opinion it's not mine and not what I will eat when I go in.
    Ill/old people deserve good nutritious food not this.
    My wife was in recently and I had to bring in decent meals or buy them from the Hosp. cafe it was so poor,maybe that's what they want us to do.
  4. MPs are on a different level to us plebs though. I doubt very much if they have to wrestle with JPA when submitting expenses claims - if they did then I'm sure a lot of their problems wouldn't exist. I'm also fairly sure they don't have to do eLearning on information management etc as everyone knows MPs just ditch documents in a bin in a park outside their office.
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  5. It's cheaper than PAYD, and the portion's bigger.
  6. No doubt you studied the nutritional value of that meal !
  7. I get that. I also understand that someone must have ordered this particular meal. People have been moaning about hospital food for time immemorial. People always moan about food no matter where it comes from. Generally food like this from industral kitchens that has been cooked, held and then served, doesn't look its best. Basically what you have there is fish (I guess) potatoes and a green veg. nutritionally sound. I admit it doesn't look very nice and I would not like to eat it, but as I said earlier, someone must have ordered that particular meal.

    The NHS budget is massive and how much more tax would you be willing to pay to make the cost of a meal up to £6? There are 650 MPs at westminster and the best figure for in patients at all hospitals in the UK was 13.7 million. Do the math :)
  8. I have had much worse when the Chef has been on the piss, but don't worry that abomination on a plate must be the exception to the rule as the NHS is safe in their hands.
  9. I've had worse muck on a truck when duty alongside tbh
  10. I'm not going by just that[BTW I have no idea what PAyD is] I'm going by the experience of my wife and myself in Hospital and the trash they serve up as food.
    I was in 3 weeks and my wife a month,the food was uneatable,beans on toast would have been a gourmet meal compared to some of the swill.
    My wife had no food for 3 days because she was unable to work the electronic menu out,she told them that but no help was given.
    I went in full of hell and told them that if no food was given my lawyer would hear about it.
    The male nurse in charge said["I think I may be able to rustle up a sandwich!" I felt like lamping him.
    We have since changed to a Scottish hospital,3 first class meals a day,as much help as you want and everything run as it should be with first class care
    My point is not that plate of swill it's the fact that we give money away hand over fist yet we don't feed the poor and sick.
    I'll leave you with this,Can you believe a Prisoner would eat this muck? No! I don't think so,sick an elderly need as good food as the criminals.
    It's common sense and the decent right thing to do.IMO
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  11. First class care? It's the NHS.
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  12. The only wrestling MPs do is with themselves when pi55ed up on subsidised beer .... allegedly
  13. Seafarer

    PAYD is "Pay As You Dine".
  14. 'I know you have rounds Chef but do you have to put your gash on the counter'?
  15. Yeah! I ranted a bit but when I saw the picture and the fact we were paying half of all the meals in the Commons and Lords[and they drain lots of fancy wines] it brought it back to me the crap I was served up with.
    Rant over, but I could have murdered the Vics "Eggy,Beanie,cheesie toasties" in there,it was better than that picture.
  16. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Seafarer, have you not clicked yet that the food's better in scotland because they get more bucks from England per head than the people in England do? Bye the way, that scran looks OK, what's the problem? I'd eat it.
  17. Coming from a Bootneck thats not perhaps a glowing recommendation!
  18. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    You may have a point....

    looks ok to me though, brussels wouldn't have hit the must have menu but it's edible and you dont have to wash up.
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  19. Have to agree Blobs ... it actually didn't look too bad and I would have probably eaten it as well ... thinking of some things I've eaten in the past (quiet in the cheap seats) out a paper bag in the back streets of Kowloon etc ... it looked ok.

    I agree that the hospital food is perhaps not as good as what we would expect from our own kitchen or even a mess but as has been pointed out the money is not there to run 5* restuarant style service. I work in a hospital and often partake of the canteen food which is always well prepared and presented. But with 90p per head per day to feed patients then it takes a lot of doing ... althugh I do begrudge subsidising the fat gits of Westminster to eat ...

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