So the government can afford to help drug addicts, give early released prisoners money but are welching on helping those in society who need assistance while dying.

These hospices do a fantastic job, and hey also free up NHS hospital beds.

Quote:Help the Hospices said the Government was failing to meet its 2005 general election manifesto commitment to "double the investment for palliative care services".Unquote

Well, isn't that just typical! Sickening to think that Druggies would get priority over the monies!!
Pretty typical government practice I think, encourage the voluntary sector to help, get them to invest, then slowly cut back the government payments leaving the charities to carry the can, they may be shifting to druggies this year but the voluntary sector there will be left holding the baby before too long as NuLabor tries to get more of the non glamorous health problems offloaded to charities.
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