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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by westwinds31, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone point me in the direction of any matelots who can still do the hornpipe please ? I'm trying to get something together for Trafalgar Night 2007 - I'm guessing that Club Swingers would be the best bet, but does anyone on this forum know of someone still involved with the hornpipe ?

    Thanks in advance
  2. The Hornpipe is danced as part of the Highlnd Games,also o beleive that some SCC units also have Hornpipe Competitions.Have a google for Hornpipe.
  3. Yup the hornpipe is taught as part of the Scottish Highland Dance scene so if you can find a teacher near you the jobs a good un.

  4. Seriously though - who would admit it?

  5. You should try everything in life except:
    Incest and Folk Dancing..
  6. Im sure there must be some ex RN Display Team bods on here who can help out.Im sure they used to do as part of their routine.
  7. If it's for a RN, RNA, semi-official function etc, the best place to contact may be the RN School of PT at HMS Temeraire. The PTI Qualifying Courses usually do a hornpipe demo as part of their passing out routine so the staff may have some useful contacts.

    If it helps, I'll send contact details by PM - just let me know.
  8. janner

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  9. Rum Ration? Hornpipe? No gags? Surreal.

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