Hornpipe ??

Can anyone point me in the direction of any matelots who can still do the hornpipe please ? I'm trying to get something together for Trafalgar Night 2007 - I'm guessing that Club Swingers would be the best bet, but does anyone on this forum know of someone still involved with the hornpipe ?

Thanks in advance
The Hornpipe is danced as part of the Highlnd Games,also o beleive that some SCC units also have Hornpipe Competitions.Have a google for Hornpipe.


Lantern Swinger
Yup the hornpipe is taught as part of the Scottish Highland Dance scene so if you can find a teacher near you the jobs a good un.

If it's for a RN, RNA, semi-official function etc, the best place to contact may be the RN School of PT at HMS Temeraire. The PTI Qualifying Courses usually do a hornpipe demo as part of their passing out routine so the staff may have some useful contacts.

If it helps, I'll send contact details by PM - just let me know.
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