Hornblower 'small hours' rant.

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by HORNBLOWER, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. :toilet: What has happened to this Country ? Especially in the last 10 to 20 years, does anyone else think that the whole system is falling apart, the Country is going to the dogs, our great institutions are being trashed by this defunct and useless shower of shit who call themselves the Government, billions of our hard earned pounds are being wasted on completely useless projects, I unfortunately work for a massive public body in London which prides itself in its ability to chucK our money away, recruit complete ********* who will never be good enough to do the job but because of Government interference in the recruiting system, we have to take all the dregs and waisters to make up the numbers. I am surrounded by 21st Century !!!! computer software which doesn't work, by people who couldn't give a shit and I wonder what the hell is going on. Surely things can only get worse and if thats the case, what the fcuk does the future hold for the citizens of this once proud and mighty Island? Fcuked if I know, last man out shut the door me thinks. Mind how you go :tp:

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  2. By 'a massive public body in London' do you really mean todays modern Navy?!!!!
  3. ^_^; (By 'a massive public body in London' do you really mean todays modern Navy?!!!!)
    Definately not, those days were over in 1987, the one I work for is quite possibly by the way the Navies numbers have dwindled, just as big but we don't float, we are not military but not far off, our budget is in the Billions and we are the biggest in the Country but nowhere near the best................... :rendeer:
  4. Ha, still sounds like us! Quick question, gone downhill in the last 10-20 years, now what could have caused that? Totally different subject, how long has Bliar been in power now?
  6. :dwarf: A lot of people will no doubt disagree with this but, the last time I felt really proud of this Country, certainly in the Military sense, was in 1982 when Maggie Thatcher re-took the Falklands, like it or not and I have read all the arguments on RR to the contrary, we did a cracking job of it and basically restored some belief in ourselves once more and we could walk around heads held high, for me, since that time, there has been a steady decline throughout the Country, moral standards, decency, discipline etc etc to the point where it just seems to me that there is no return, even the Tories used to resign when they got caught out, look at this lot in power, Teflon Dons the lot of them, if I was ever caught having it away with someone in the work place, in work hours, committing fraud, assaulting members of the public, signing dodgy documents so people get passports and the rest, I would have been out of my job, no pension and probably have done some time, this lot get rewarded with fat pay rises, huge pensions, grace and favour abodes, foreign jollies, need I say more, and thats the politicians ........................... I do despair but maybe I should stop caring ! I hate to see whats happening to this Country...........ROMFT :hockey:
  7. I think voices have been callling out Hornblower. I agree with you about the Falklands but in my opinion its a sad thing when war is our only glory (even though war was never declared :oops: ). I remember a few years ago it wasn't unusual to hear people complaining about 'dumbing down' but you don't hear that any more. The middle classes have kept a tight grasp on their purses and being the only ones with decent pensions aren't going to rock the boat, the working classes have been bough with the transient thrill of cheap technology and most of them are up to their ears in debt. As for the rest of us ... I just keep longing for a revolution ... oops I suppose that's war isn't it ... :(
  8. Me thinks Hornblower works for LT (underground section) or its current re-branded name to pretend its not the ame old LT. The RN stopped being Massive about 1955

  9. IMHO dear old Hornblower is absolutely right. The country (by that I assume he means England) has really gone to the dogs. Fortunately I got out six years ago and Scotland (languishing some 20 years behind) is a fine place for an old retired military fart to live and watch the boats go by. Also good to know that the Scots do not like terrorists and fight back. :thanks:
  10. I find I am in total agreement with you Hornblower and I agree that this has been a 15 odd year decline. I feel that rather than the majority opinion dictating how the country is run now, the minority groups rule. Apathy seems to be the order of the day and there is no discipline in any form in this country.
    The government is as weak as a tot of 10 and 1 and this has spread through all sectors of business and commerce in this country. I was once proud to be British but now unless asked I keep my nationality to myself. I will probably be slated for this but I was once asked that if given the chance again would I join todays navy and the answer would have to be no.
    I loved the navy I was in and the rules that governed it but todays PC navy appears very different.
    I'll stand by for the flack!!
  11. I find a great deal of sympathy with what HORNBLOWER has said and see a fair bit of truth in G R's words. She will, of course, realise that "come the Revolution", I will be on the opposite side of the barricade!

    I think we will find that there has always been a continuously renewing from its own kind intellectual clique at the centre of Government (remember the ones that spied in aid of the Communist ideal?)t; many probably embedded in the Treasury. Like many intellectuals who allow their free thinking ideals to be untrammelled by reality and self survival, they would probably be international Socialists. National pride, military prowess and aspirations to be a leading World power would be a total anathema to them. They would have rejoiced at Suez but considered Malaysia/Indonesia, Yemen and the Falklands as unfortunate setbacks. I suspect that Blare has been a God-send to them and would explain his charmed, almost fire proof life. He's allowed us to be sucked further to the heart of Europe and the masterstroke; pushed us into 2 unpopular wars (one barely legal) while denying the means to pursue them. As a consequence, the average Brit is heartily sick of the seeming waste and will probably now be happy to se us never capable of being in that position again.

    Add now the general moral decay and the "I want everything now" attitude of the television watching, Sun reading masses and our decline is sealed. The democratic process has been wheeled out further to the masses and guaranteed the means of their "sumat for nowt" dream. The average worker in any organisation doesn't want to be the Boss but will envy the privileges. They don't want to lead nor shoulder responsibility. In the past, though, they supported and followed the few within these shores who were/are keen to lead the World. It seems, though, that they are no longer willing to do that. They don't want to be the best, lead, be responsible. They just want constant entertainment, material wealth (even if it's terminal debt) and no responsibility. Perhaps political correctness and their perceived duty to wrap everything in cotton wool has stifled the last remnants of individuality and pride they had left.

    In the past we treated our Country as would a caring, protecting and dutiful husband towards his wife. We now treat her as a whore. Anything for the highest bidder.
  12. It's interesting how each generation says similar things about the Decline and Fall of Britain (PLC), and that's just back to the 14th century! Mind you vanilla men wore tights in those far off days. How times change.
  13. :oops: :roll: ................. I was hoping you hadn't noticed :drunken: :oops:
  14. .....War is on intelligence.... teaching people that mediocrity is OK when it bloody well isn't.....why is teaching kids to think now a crime, not allowed to teach proper grammar, literature, all this text bollocks, how they gonna read and absorb and QUESTION anything ? But that's the point, keep them fed on junk, playing computer games, thinking celebrity status is success.......where's the application to anything? We are the new cultural Taiwan, plastic and cracking...... 15 years of decline is largely due to the insidious way we are fed information by the Unenlightened, who hopped from school to uni to govt without really ever leaving the bubble...either are trying to appease some middle-class guilt for having privileges
    instead of just getting on, or working-class made goods who want to see equality Utopia, instead of accepting the state of mankind ain't up to it just yet.....education, even at higher level now run by a generation who believe in apologising for owning a British passport without ever living anywhere else and understanding what 'poverty' and 'freedom' really mean.
    Today left 18 month stint in local govt, thank christ for that, heading north and back into commerce, so hope to see some regaining of faith in people with balls....I don' tknow what's happened in the UK, you're right, it's all gone in 10 years.Can anyone tell me when it become wrong to describe and speak about difference ?

    Political neutering...so dangerous.....Where were the raging arguements, televised between Cameron and Blair ?Compare to the 80's... Love 'em or hate 'em, Maggie and Neil Kinnock went for it hammer and tongs,we had real free speech, now a privilege proffered to muslims, ethnic groups and Other just in from anywhere but here.....

    BNP registration trebled and who can fcuking blame it happening ? I am moderate, hate violence, but if the central parties are as useless as farts in spacesuits, people will look elsewhere.... the British are some of the most tolerant people in the world and it angers and sickens me to see how we are being shat on by someof our own: self-appointed, opinionated arses in govt, who really believe WE believe the dross, the utter , utter dross they feed us.
    But I'm not bitter...:)i just wonder if anyone where it matters, is listening ? MI5 or the toothfairy, don't care, just things need to change, the people can see it, they always did, we just take it and take it and take it.....but one day things will blow. What a shit-storm that will be.
  15. Feel better now dearie?
  16. :toilet: Thankyou all for your kind thoughs and points of view, most interesting and some of it went right over Hornblowers head but there you go.

    Its the little things that grip my shit, possibly cause I work in London everything is over emphasised and appears to be a bigger issue than it really is but .......... walking through Victoria bus station and coming across an abandoned piece of luggage, you go to point this out to someone in charge and the bloke hardly understands English, you go to the Airport, admittedly Luqa in Malta, to meet your return British Airways flight to be told even before checking in, its already 3 fckin hours late (an aircraft defect), yo go to get your train after a fkin hard day at the office and all you want to do is get home, its fkin delayed infact, all the trains are delayed due to ONE train earlier having a 'technical' problem, you speak to one of the Mets finest (PCSO) who you bump into in the nearest NEXT store doing his shopping, IN FULL UNIFORM, you speak to him or her and him or her can't speak English well enough to conduct a short conversation, should I continue ?????

    What with the NHS being full of fkin terrorists, the mind boggles. Beam me up Scotty. END OF RANT.

    HB :tp: :threaten:

  17. Have my Kevlar on , most of the Surgeons & Consultants I work work with are either Muslim or of other Ethnic Groups , doesn't bother be in the slightest , NHS would collapse without them , as would most other Government Departments , welfare state has created this state of affairs , why work when the state will pay all your bills , I work & pay everthing but know loads of peaple that dont , will never be sorted because whoever will sort it will never be voted in , end of rant , so fxxxxxxxxg sorry .
  18. I wish to register an interest in joining those with rant mode engaged: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2007/07/08/ndrink108.xml

    A tax on alcohol to curb "binge" drinking (Binge drinking is classed as more then eight units (four pints) in one session for men and more than six units (six small glasses of wine) for women. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/4306226.stm ) by cash strapped youngsters. The prime assumption, of course, is that the little bleeders actually buy the stuff! To placate us older, more mature and "restrained" (4 pints?) drinkers, it is to be a social service as the proceeds are to help drug addicts.

    Now who can I vote for? The BNP is beginning to look like a sensible option!
  19. Ther is no reality only perceptions. I do perceive people are getting more racist, or is all about fairness?
  20. With such erudite contributions from POL and Taloolah, I feel that anything I might have to say would be superfluous, and I agree with most of their sentiments wholeheartedly, but I must throw in my two-pennorth regarding Muslims in the NHS. I remain in awe of people such as Dr Ahmed, and Mr Aghoseini, both of whom were instrumental in diagnosing, and eradicating a large rectal tumour that I had managed to acquire a couple of years ago, and both of whom are still very active in the treatment and aftercare for bowel cancer.
    They're not all terrorists!


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