"Horatio Nelson 'Was French Football Captain', Say Children"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. Sadly this doesn't suprise me. There have been a fair few surveys like this carried out in the last few years and everyone of them has basically proved that kids in this country are thick as mince.

    What's even saddder is that many adults aren't much smarter.
  2. Re: "Horatio Nelson 'Was French Football Captain', Say Child

    Doesn't surprise me either, the sum total of the British state education system in the 21st century. Decided by poitcos with an agenda of social engineering, executed by target driven number crunchers, influenced by left leaning, sandal wearing, pseudo intelectuals, which, mixed together in an environment of media dominated 'celebri'y sta'us' dumbed down culture......this is what you get... innit ! :slow:
  3. Utter rubbish, he played for Real Madrid.

    By the way the manager of real Madrid at that time was Manual Labour.

    Its not just the education system to blame here, if some of the miscreants actually went to school full time they might even get an education.
    Then again some of the class rooms around the west Mids now and again have English as the first language.
  4. Contraversial haha but not without validation. My nippers could talk me stupid about other cultures and and their histories but very little about our own. It's extremely sad.
  5. You can't blame everything on the teachers, as a parent it is your responsibility to steer them in the right direction during the early years of their lives. Sounds too much like a whinge; "Its never my fault, its always someone elses fault".
  6. As both my kids are probably nearly as old as most of the posters on RR I hardly think I need to whinge. One in the Navy one on the Police force, I knew how to be a parent, they did not grow up responsible and educated by accident.
    If you read my post in its entirety instead of dissecting it like a politician you would see that I actually said what you echoed. There have been features on Midlands today showing that many class rooms are not using English as the main language. Sad but true. :wink: :roll:
  7. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    My grandson quite enjoyed his trip round the Victory. Don't know how much sank in though! Bent a nifty bowline in the Mary Rose museum as well.

    There is a secret Govt agenda about not hating the Frogs, I think, for instance the 'red' and 'blue' fleets at the (singularly wet) Trafalgar reenactment.

    Plus when they do do any history it's mostly about dressing up as poor people and going on about what a hard time they had - which is all too hidesously true by 21st century welfare standards, but doesn't deliver any sort of framework on which to hang a coherent story. The syllabus seems to go Tudors, Stuarts, Victorians, skipping entirely the period when we enthusiastically beat the sh.t out of Johnny Frog.
  8. Well, they're our 'partners' now aren't they..... as are the Germans.
    It pisses me off when the BBC and like, when referring to the war, call them the NAZI's.....they were Germans FFS, I would find it hard to believe that the whole population were card carrying members of the National Socialist Party. Thats like saying the Falklands conflict was between Argentina and the Thatcherites.
    Rant over :oops:
  9. Re: "Horatio Nelson 'Was French Football Captain', Say Child

    I too am not surprised by the Kids lack of knowledge of the things historical.But I suspect this is not a recent phenomenon as I watch quiz shows on the telly and many adults display complete ignorance of both history and geography.
  10. Re: "Horatio Nelson 'Was French Football Captain', Say Child

    I agree. In 1989 I rented a video camera from a well known TV rental company. (Remember the ones you used to lug around on your shoulder, with a rucksack for the batteries) I enquired about insurance, the girl said 'It's not required if you're going somewhere in the EEC' (EU now)
    I replied 'I'm going Disneyworld in Florida'
    Girls says 'Is that in the EEC ?'
  11. Re: "Horatio Nelson 'Was French Football Captain', Say Child


    Two moments spring to mind ......

    One was with a Banking Call Centre.

    Me: "Could you tell me which local branch is open till 5, please?"

    Them: "Which town?"

    Me: "London. I'm in the City at the moment"

    Them: "Which City?"

    Me: "Ermm, the City of London. Actually, I'm near the Bank of England"

    Them: "OK, I'll look that one up on our list, it might be one of our branches"

    Me: "No, I don't think it will be. Any branch in the City will be fine"

    Them: "OK. Here you go, there's one in Catford. Will that do?"


    A Directory Enquiries Service .......

    Me: "Could I have the number for the main Post Office in Trafalgar Square, please?"

    Them: "Trafalgar Square? Which town's that in?"
  12. Just as a matter of interest who was he?
  13. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It's a funny world. My neighbours kid thought a cat 'o nine tails was a feline in Chernobyl.

    He soon saw the error of his ways when i flogged him half to death with the one i purchased off ebay.
  14. Re: "Horatio Nelson 'Was French Football Captain', Say Child

    Have just remembered something from some time ago, coming back from lunch and finding one of my staff poring over our whacking big atlas. He had the index open on B.

    I said "Simon, where are you looking for, I might be able to point you in the right direction".

    He was clearly frustrated and said "I can't understand why it's not in here".

    "Where?", I said.

    "The Banana Republic".

    Gen dit.
  15. Talking about cats that women who binned one should have been given £250 not fined it as she was performing a public service.
  16. Her fault was in merely binning it - Should have been recycled as a Davy Crockett Hat.
  17. Re: "Horatio Nelson 'Was French Football Captain', Say Child

    Sol some people are beyond helping. I was talking with a colleague about Winston Churchill and another staff member asked is he the head of an insurance company.
  18. It would appear that they achieved that.

    My 14 year old nephew is currently studying the First World War at school. I do believe that Britain was involved.
  19. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Re: "Horatio Nelson 'Was French Football Captain', Say Child

    I was teaching map & compass to some cadets not so long ago and asked one to name the three Norths. His answer?

    "North, North East and North West".

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