Hoping to apply as a medical Assistant.

Hi my names Gemma im 20 and from wales! im hoping to apply as a medical assistant in the Royal Navy however id really like to have some advice! ive always wanted to do this since leaving school but due to family issues ive never been able to apply and being 20 i think ive finally got my chance, however i have no experience :s
Would this go against me, and how do i getstarted to join?
any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!
All MA's are trained as if they've no experience. I don't know how recruiting is currently but Careers try not to turn the tap off completely these days as they've been bitten before; people with healthcare experience may have an upper hand if there're few spaces but most MA's join with no experience whatsoever.

The standard MA training is a little over 12 months (including Part 1) and is currently completed at Keogh Barracks near Aldershot, though this is moving to Whittington Barracks, near Lichfield around Dec 13 time.

I would advise you to research as much about the branch as you can to show keen; where you may serve (i.e. ships that have MA's - all capitol ships, destroyers, frigates and hydrography vessels - shore establishments, RM barracks, MDHU's). Look into sub-specialisations such as Operating Department Practitioner, Biomedical Scientist, Pharmacy Dispensing as well as the General Service that all MA's begin with.

The Medical Branch has reasonably quick promotion and is a good branch for professional development. It can be quite shore-centric and I'd recommend pushing for a sea draft early; it will help your career in the long run and means you won't fester in a hospital with the NHS holding you back at a crucialearly stage of your career.

Best of luck!
It is a good idea to start off with the royal navy website, and then after exhausting all the literature, look on these forums. Search words like: medical assistant, Aldershot, keogh barracks all turn up good results. Once you've decided if it's a good idea or something that may need to be put on the back burner for a while longer (the last may not be as advisable due to a looong waiting time) get in touch with your local AFCO and they'll take things from there. All else failing, ninja stoker and supermario are the resident CA's, and they are on the forum 'willing' *ahem to answer all questions directed at them.

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