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Hope Mr Cameron has Deep Pockets


Cameron certainly has but the majority of us lesser mortals don't.

The 100,000.00 names petition has been delivered which means a referendum on our membership will now have to be debated in the house, I for one think we should get out as soon as possible.


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Even if Cameron has deep pockets they aren't deep enough to sort this mess out.It would appear that the banks have stopped lending money to one another to pay off each's debt so it can't be long before they disappear up one another's duckrun.There is an old saying about not robbing Peter to pay Paul but our crazy politicians and bankers are far too busy trying to save their collective necks to pay any heed to that.


The whole mess stinks of rotten fish, mortgages may well be low but the poor savers are getting next to sweet FA on their savings while the banks use that deposited money to make more for themselves, I would not piss on a banker or politician if they were on fire, bastards all.


War Hero
The whole mess stinks of rotten fish, mortgages may well be low but the poor savers are getting next to sweet FA on their savings while the banks use that deposited money to make more for themselves, I would not piss on a banker or politician if they were on fire, bastards all.

I gather your not too happy with the situation then Finks?


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What's now coming as the B o E prints money we haven't got is much increased inflation, coupled with very low interest rates on savings so that they don't keep their value. Basically every financially prudent citizen is going to be robbed of his savings to pay for politicians' profligacy. For starters it's time the Govt stopped borrowing money just to give it away, particularly to people who either don't deserve it or don't need it. Old people in particular are going to be screwed by this. But we are of course expendable, useless mouths I think is the phrase.
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