Hope i wont be a old man??

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by PaDDYtheIRISHsailor, Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. If I get into HMS Raliegh will i be in a class room with a load off school leavers from 16-18.. I really hope I wont be an Old man at 22 lol...
  2. You will be below the average age I believe. Also, what bonds you lack in age you will certainly have in gash spelling!
  3. The average age of the classes at the moment is 21.65. In my experience the school leavers are more eager to learn and are more maleable than the "more mature" recruit
  4. i'll be at least 23 when i go :?
  5. 22-23 old, your shitting me right ?
  6. I'll be 27 (ish) when I get there! .. Positively ancient then ^^.
  7. 29 when i get back in.
  8. Ill hopefully still be 22 when i get in, but might be 23 if unlucky.
  9. OLD MEN!!
    I'll be 34 when I go in, hopefully 35 so I can take it a bit easier with my 2.4km run
  10. Thats the spirit. :lol: :lol:
  11. Same here Mandon--approaching 34 now but with all of our life experience, we can teach these wipper snappers a thing or two! :lol:

    Currently running the 2.5 in 10.30 and plenty o' time to get that down, so bring it on young scallywags, gramps will lead the way! :D
  12. Nice one Pops!!! but you will still need a run ashore oppo :lol: as the kids wont want you with them :lol: :lol:
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    With the age thing one of the biggest problems must be who do you go ashore with, given that the vast majority over 30 would be senior rates, any experiences/problems from someone that joined later?
  14. I beg to differ Scouse!

    When all the mashed up kids with kids bellies who can't handle there beer and can't pull for toffee are sitting by themselves, THEN they will need a man of experience and my smooth advice will be like liquid gold! :lol:
  15. Is modesty one of your top attributes then? :)
  16. I wouldn't say top attributes, but it helps an old man feel better about himself! :lol:
  17. wise words aren't always taken on a run ashore.

    Civvie friends bail you out of jail &then tell you what you did wrong.
    Sailor friends would be sitting next to you saying ,mate we fcuked up but what a giggle . 8)
  18. Fair point Haggis,

    I will take that from your obvious experience in said situations! :lol:
  19. dream on mate

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