HOOOO-RAAAAH - What does it mean?

OK, I've just watched Jarhead and so I think I have a pretty good idea of what being a Marine is all about. I noticed that the Marines on there kept going HOOO- RAAH in a bad ass sort of way. What exactly does it mean though. Is it a bit like "Brrrrraaatttt!"?

I'm going into the royal marines very soon and I'm going to shout "Hooo-Rahh" when my Corporal tells me to do something. However, I just want to know what "hooo-rah" means first.
Its HOOAAH, basically an euphanism for 'Arent we ******* great'. If you used this Americanism you will find yourself immediately wishing you didnt.
Guys if this fella is naive give him a break, he asked a question, you lot answered with fascetiousness.
If you think he is a wind up merchant, simply ignore, duuh.

Wonder if the USMC Corporal used it as he butchered 24 innocent Iraqi women and children.
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