Hooks or not?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Exocet, Nov 6, 2014.

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  1. Looking for some advice from someone who may know...
    I left the mob in 2006 as a LH. I rejoined in 2008, and left this year (22yrs done) but as an AB.
    So apart from flying through 22years and leaving as an AB, the question I now have, is:
    Can I wear hooks on my No1 uniform, as when I origionally left I was a LH. I don't want to look like a prat on putting them on if I'm not entitled.
  2. Why do you want to wear rig?


    Fancy dress?


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  3. why did you have to rejoin as an AB? Different trade?
  4. Think you'll find you're not entitled to wear your rig any more.
  5. Why would you want to wear your rig anymore? :confused:
  6. Officer and a Gentleman nights

    AB and NAAFI barman night

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  7. Rememberance... And stuff to do with my local legion. Nothing other than that, and yes joined a different branch, and the silent service
  8. I could do you a great deal on a Blazer, then stick your rig on Ebay

    Edit to add: Safeguard

    Only got sizes 46 & 48 left

    Old school tie and designer stubble not included.

    RRP £69.99 Special RR deal only £22 delivered.

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  9. I wear my gongs and dolphins on my jacket for Legion stuff (tomorrow and Sunday they'll be getting an airing!).

    If you weren't a killick when you went outside then no hook, plus you'll look like an old sea cadet wearing rig.
  10. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Former Soviet JRs wear rig into their 90s. It isn't a good look.

    There is an entitlement for former members of the 'Naval Service' to wear rig and it's been addressed in the forums. State occasions being one but I don't think that entitles you to wear rig propping up the bar in your local watching a royal wedding on the big television.

    As for your rank: discharged to pension as an AB probably makes you an AB. Invoking previous is tenuous in my opinion.

    Hooks plural?
  11. Hooks, well you know what I meen, and I wasn't looking to wear my no1s into my 90 either, I was asked to by the local cadet unit my childen attend, but was unsure of the "HOOK"!! Situation.
    And it was going to be the last time I wore them for an occasion.
    I was solely looking for advice on the rank slide, but thanks for the lectures on uniform and lessons on my grammar....
  12. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Slide, on nos 1s?
  13. I think he meant side? o_O
  14. You're out.

    Gongs on a blazer if you're that way inclined.
  15. I'm guessing you're refering to wearing your 3's if you're talking about rank slides?

    Why not just going the cadet unit as uniformed staff, then you can wear 4's, 3's and 1's as a PPO (PO without a crown) and 6 months later become a full PO?

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