Hoodies AGAIN

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by brazenhussy, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. The only justice for a little coward like that is hanging and by the bollocks until dead.
  3. It's about time we had a political party who would promise and then give the voters of this country a return to the law and order we used to have.
    The time of the do gooders has long gone, a slap on the wrist does not work.
    Bring back hanging and hard labour. bring back the old fashioned Borstals for young offenders, make life mean life.
    I'll be in my grave a long time before this happens though.
  4. This Country is sinking into a moraly bankrupt pit of it's own making , the thugs {far worse than animals} know there is no deterant , strange how they all look feral , wild evil bxxxxxxxxs everyone of them , it's sickening .
  5. Whatever interpretation anyone else puts on this, Gordan Brown personally kicked this womans head in.
    They will just not see what is happening, (or more likely don't care), feeding us lies and made up statistics. The crime figures in this country are way higher than they have ever been, and the punishment rate the lowest ever.

    I challenge anyone who sticks up for this shower of shit to prove otherwise.
  6. They put animals down so why not this disgrace. I didnt recognise that poor woman. Give me the pistol and I will shoot him without blinking. IM sure god wouldnt hold it against me.
  7. Animals don't do this to their own kind, this piece of scum doesn't deserve the honour of being called an animal, he's sub-human and should be excised from humanity as soon as possible.
  8. Had an incident in our local shopping precinct tonite with a bunch of ********* playing football and being general pains in the arse, so me and the lad next door told them to go forth and multiply elsewhere. Was greeted by an amount of abuse and foul language that would shock an old time stoker. Grabbed the one with the biggest gob and told him if he didn't go away sharpish, I would rip his head off and crap down the hole. It's very quiet here now - it's about time the silent majority stood up and was counted, and took these ********* on, and showed them they can't get away with it anymore. If I'd phoned Old Bill, they would've taken 20 minutes to get here, by which time they would've been long gone. But don't do it on your own - the tragedy of Warrington is still fresh in the mind.
  9. people should make like sean bean in that film, outlaw.

    i see nothing wrong with vigilantes when the law fails them. except you can guarantee the courts would come down harder on them than the actual crims :(
  10. I stood up to a bunch of yobs chucking bricks at our trip boats, breaking windows and scaring elderly passengers. They came back and wrecked my car. The police did nothing except give me a crime number.

    Bring back the stocks..... only this time weld 'em in.....
  11. It is a sad state of affairs when the perpetrators of crime are protected better (by the do good brigade) than the victims of the crime itself, I am all for vigilante style retribution, unfortunately, as already stated above the police would come down harder on those carrying out this "Re-education". Until the human rights bill has been amended (or removed in the case of the animals that this thread is referring to) in such a way that judges can actually punish criminals with the sentences they deserve, then we will see our law-abiding society continue to suffer. I am an advocate of capital and corporal punishment, however the evidence has to be overwhelming (which in this modern technological age is easily achieved), if not damning.

    RANT OVER for time being
  12. I am getting a little worried about myself that these stories are so routine now that they are losing their shock value. What kind of world will my two young children grow up in, I live accross the Irish Sea and it is little better here, last week a Polish guy was set alight by yobs in Limerick in an unprovoked attack. Society needs to take responsibility, to much family break down ,children raised by children ect.
  13. We keep banging on about crime and the lack of criminal justice and quite rightly so but apart from parental control (or lack of it) the root problem lies squarely with the politicians. Not one of them, irrespective of party or creed, has the moral backbone or cajones to make the proper decisions required of them.

    We could override the EU Human Rights directives ( apart from maybe the bits that make sense) at a stroke if we just had the people in Parliament with the bottle to stand up and demand it. We are continually told that the legal mechanisms are in place to deal with any given crime or acts of terrorism but this is certainly not reflected in the sentencing being handed down by a judiciary who are frightened to upset the status quo of the establishment. Whatever happened to the concept that no one is above the law?

    Somebody said a long time ago that 'one man with courage is a majority' but try finding him in that house of laughter so full of self serving limp wristed faggots that it beggars belief. They are only concerned with the feathering of their own yuppie nests of aspiration and advancement, to the detriment of anyone else in their own parties or the people of this country.

    If those ********* were paid only on positive and beneficial results for the UK they would all starve to death. Instead they demand higher unrealistic salaries for poor performance and hope one day to get another cushy job in the EU parliament if they kiss enough EU arses on the way there. Perhaps we the nation should be demanding more from these leg irons because soon there will be no more democracy to save - only private interests.

    Red Sailor
  14. We should axe the european human rights, it is becoming a joke now. Make new laws in britain that nothing can over rule and get politicans with BALLS not that prat that is sitting in No 10 now, he was a good chancellor but a shite PM
  15. The navy could run this country far better than the politicians. Normal people could run this country better because they know whats wrong.
  16. For Whats it's worth my two pen'th is that all this Yob behaviour started in the early 80's when Thatch, proclamed "There is NO SUCH THING AS SOCIETY ONLY INDIVIDUALS" "IT'S THE INDIVIDUAL WHO WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE"

    She got that one right then :thumright: NOT FECKING LIKEY
  17. Nice post Red.
  18. Chavs come round here all the time with loud music in their cars and kicking the football against the bus stop (Which literally shakes the floor).. I either go out their and give 'em a good "talking to" or go up into the attic and let rip with the air rifle.

    Personally don't care if the police feel the need to get involved, I'd sooner shit the bed than sit twiddling my thumbs as they have their little rampage outside.

    They only come back when they forget what happend last time (Usually about an hour). Target practice though 'eh?
  19. It is hoped that when this little prick in banged up, a kindly screw will leave his cell door open and he receives the attention of some real hard bastards. I live in hope. :thumright:

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