Hoo sez the Navy today is crap


Lantern Swinger
bowlineonthebight said:
NZ_Bootneck said:
NORMAN!! Back in your box muppet.
Has anyone else noticed the two RR stalwarts NZ Bootneck and Nutty have both Jumped Ship.
NZ Bootneck appears to have served but a short time as a Royal Marine and then gone down under. And Nutty who served "Down Under" ( A service for whom I have the greatest respect) but who now has deserted these shores as an Extranjero in sunnier climes. Both are loyal subjects in absentia?
They're both ex-pusser,done their time & are perfectly entitled to be on here & comment on issues within the U.K. They both make a better contribution than you so wind your' neck in.
Editing this post due to the fact that bowline hasn't anything remotely interesting and constructive to say.

If this is a bite bowline then it's no longer funny mate, get a grip and fcuk off!!
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