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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. It would seem that there are still some in politics that have a sense of honour


    Icelandic government 'resigns immediately'

    Icelandic Prime Minister Geir Haarde announced Monday the immediate resignation of his government in the wake of the country's dire economic crisis. Skip related content
    Related photos / videos Enlarge photo "I'm here to announce that I and the leader of the Social Democrats have decided that we will not continue with the coalition," Haarde told reporters.

    The announcement came just days after Haarde announced early elections on May 9 in which he would not run due to health reasons.

    A new election date was set after months of public protests calling for the government's resignation over its handling of the economic crisis.

    The government coalition, made up of Haarde's Independence Party and the Social Democrats since May 2007, had been in talks since the weekend with the Social Democrats demanding that it take over the post of prime minister

    Don't suppose that Brown the Clown and his bunch of circus performers will do the honorable thing and go though
  2. On the day that Brown claims he warned the money markets needed more regulation 10 years ago.

    Shameless doesn't begin to cover it.
  3. Well lets hope in that case liebour get booted out of office and someone else given a chance to sort this mess out. I vividly remember sitting having tea with Claire Short in the strangers cafe post the 97' election and her words were "We have won but we must never get blase' about why we are in office" How right she was.
  4. The conservatives were booted out by labour due to mishandling of the economy and sleaze.
    Has the wheel come the full circle, will labour be booted out for the same reasons.
  5. Maybe that is the case Slim. One thing is for sure it wouldn't hurt if they did get booted out as the situation couldn't get any worse.
  6. Hmm, if the situation couldn't get any worse then it wouldn't hurt if they stayed
  7. ...and who became the Chancellor of the Exchequer and kept saying we were being prudently looked after?

    So.....Where has ALL this money gone to?....who's pockets?
  8. The Tories now cannot fail though, they will almost certainly be elected in just in time for the economy to recover. Then they will claim complete responsibility for it. Unfortunately being Britain we will always be a "boom or Bust" society regardless of whos got the con. That said I would still rather see a Tory in power than these current d1cklickers, and I'm northenr as you like.

    Edited because I sounded like Arthur Scargill first time.
  9. Or. Maybe someone new should be voted in with some fresh ideas.
  10. Unfortunately it could get a lot worse.
    Political parties do not win elections, the outgoing party lose them.
    Currently we do not have a viable party so we vote for what we consider is the lesser of two evils.
    As for the Lib Dems if they ever got in then we would have even greater worries.
  11. Which is why you would think that D.C would step up to the plate and start to emerge as a strong contender against a boring meat headed Scotsman with the personality of a tin of Vim.

    Slim. I guess it could get alot worse, i stand corrected but instead of dripping about it i think the country should vote with their feet and boot out whats in power with a view to giving someone else a chance.
  12. I agree with MLP, Tory's are the most likely to be the next in power. The thing that worries me the most, is Cameron just seems so wet, even in comparison to Brown and especially to the likes of Obama, Putin (I've not seen much of Medvedev so cant comment, puppet anyway) etc.

    I daren't imagine conversations with him as a major player asserting our interests.
    As Slim said, however, perhaps he/they are the lesser of two evils.
  13. I personally think DC is a much better public speaker than Brown, as for being the lesser of two evils, he almost certainly is. If he's clever enough, and I think he may well be, he could do very, very well out of all this.

    For a little while at least then it will all fall in around his arse. 8O
  14. Honourable Pollies? At a time when many commentators here say that the Broon should stay because he is a safer hand on the tiller (I must have forgotten what safe means).

    Prudence = I have borrowed enough to end boom and bust (for now), or: I have raped your pension funds enough so that, added to what I've borrowed we can pretend that boom and bust is over.

    And then we find out that the Royal Bank of Scotland has been part-nationalised, so we own a business that lent a Russian "oligarch" 2.5 billion quid that he will never have to pay back.

    And all at a time that we still send our soldiers to war in the modern equivalent of a horse and cart.

    As someone more eloquent than me once said: "You couldn't make it up!"
  15. Absolutely.

    Because they're so incompetent aren't they - their Treasury spokesperson Vince Cable being the only mainstream politician who was warning TWO YEARS before the crash that it was coming. But then, as a Fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford and a former Chief Economist at Shell, he's an idiot. He was also the first to recommend the nationalisation of Northern Rock as an attempt to stop the rot when the Tories were talking about doing nothing and Labour were too scared of being attacked by the right-wing press.

    As is David Laws, their schools spokesperson, who backed Cable up and was a Vice-President of JP Morgan in his 20s.

    And indeed Steve Webb, a Professor of Social Policy at 30 who's their Energy spokesperson, and so on and so on.

    The irony being they have one of the most competent front benches in politics in terms of their outside achievements - I haven't even mentioned other successful economists such as Chris Huhne.

    And on top of all that we wouldn't have been America's lapdog for the last six years, and wouldn't be in Iraq with all the chaos that ensued.

    I'm not a 'supporter' of any of the three main parties, but at the moment I'd vote Lib Dem purely because their personnel are the most credible and have successively been proven right. Anyone who wants to put George Osborne in charge of the UK economy needs their head testing.
  16. The danger with the Lib Dems is that they're the party of credible individuals that don't remotely hang together. If everyone voted for them then there would be chaos.

    One of the main benefits of being relatively small for so long has been that (still) no one has called their bluff over what it is that they stand for since the Liberal/SDP merger.

    As a result, you've got LD candidates who are basically SDP/wet Labour socialists standing against Labour in the cities on a socialist ticket. In rural areas, particularly SW England and the Highlands you've got old-style Liberals standing against the Tories/SNP (who, not for nothing, were traditionally known as the tartan Tories).

    These people are individually highly successful at getting elected on their two (some would argue mutually exclusive) agendas. As the Orange Book debacle showed a couple of years ago, they still can't work out which party has the upper hand.

    Whilst one may personally subscribe to either the Liberal or the SDP wing, at least you know what you're going to get with a vote for Labour, the Tories, UKIP, the SNP, Plaid, Mebyon, EDP, BNP. This is not so much the case with the LDs, who are still positioning themselves, nearly 30 years on, as the all things to all people party.
  17. Which is why you would think that D.C would step up to the plate and start to emerge as a strong contender against a boring meat headed Scotsman with the personality of a tin of Vim.

    As a Scot, I must REALLY object to that mindless and offensive remark. I often have very stimulating conversations with my tin of Vim.

    Coming Nurse......
  18. And now to cap labours woes, Labour Lords in scandal over money for favours.
  19. And Lord Taylor of wherever saying that he could get £100000 for his efforts on behalf of a company. I always thought that there was a trough, but I had no idea how deep it is!
  20. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    I would have thought by now that we all realise that there is a difference between politicians and 'government'. The first are the self serving chaps who are in it for their own benefit, improved status, access to lots of lovely dosh and at the end a very good pension. The second are the same people trying to figure out how they can convince the gullible public that they know what they are doing. The difference is they get paid more!!! Then when they are of no further use they are sent to the 'other' house where they can then make lots more money and pretend that they are of some use to the country. It matters not a jot which party gets into power. Promises are made and will eventually broken,usually blaming the 'mess' left behind from the previous incumbants. Just like a merry go round. For the life of me I cannot see where it will all end. I think that I'll vote for the 'monster raving loony party'. Oh! sorry, is that them in power now?

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