Honkers or Bangkok? Which is best?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. Just been thinking about the far east.
    really enjoyes HK in the 60s but when I returnes in the 2000s was most dissapointed.
    First went to bangkok in the late 80s early 90s. it was just like Hong Kong in the 60s

    Which do you thnk is the best run?
  2. Went to HK last year and thought it was fantastic.
    How has it changed since the 60s? - and especially how has it changed since 1997?
  3. I think everything changes with time and most places not for the better.
    As far as runs ashore go, I love the atmosphere in Honky Fid, not sure what it is but I just enjoy being there.Loved Lantau Island with the temple at the top of the hill. It depends on the kind of run you are looking for, Bangkok is nuts, such an out there place that caters to every lifestyle. Thailand has some lovely places but Bangkok is just a city really. But for partying, BKK wins every time.
  4. Never went out to the Far Flung during my time in the mob, but did a lot of business travel there in the 80s and 90s.

    I enjoyed Hong Kong, especially Kowloon side, great atmosphere, good food and great bars if you looked for them. Haven't been there since 97 though.

    Bangkok is better I think though, the Thai people make the difference, more relaxed feel to the place, you always get the feeling the smiles are real.

  5. Mid 60s Hong Kong was a cheap run ashore,don't know why but everytime I got pissed I seemed to wake up on the Star Ferry. Went back in the 90s and early 2000s when my copany usedit as a staging post for going in to China. Used to get a night there on the way in and if lucky a night on the way out. The main difference I found was the prices had inrcreased and a night out left no change from £100. Could get about three nights for that in Bangok. First went to Bangkok in 89 and it reminded me of Singapore in the sixties, Magic
  6. Shit who cares, its so long ago I forgot. Just send me back now and I'll check them out for RR
  7. Well chiefy have you forgotten because you'r geriatric or because you had such a great time that the next day you couldn't remember?
    Had a few of those, got a bit embarrassed next day when told hw good m run was and what I got up to by my mates.
  8. Honkers was something special up until hand over, one of the worlds best run'ashore, China Fleet Club in later years was a pretty plush place to stay, Lantau was a haven of peace almost unchanged for hundreds of years (this was before new aitport and giant buddha).

    Saw a bunch of outnumbered booties fight pongo's in the bowling alley where 2 of them used one as a ball and knocked skittles down-(like a tom and gerry cartoon) outstanding, army lads took umbridge at seeing men in womens clothing (no change there then)

    Also told by an LC that the best blowjob he ever had was when he was minging and trapped an essence kaitai (don't believe the "minging" bit).

    HMS Tamars basin is now a carpark and Thailand beats Honkers hands down, but in its day the Honkers place was THE best run'ashore in the world.
  9. Ah the China Fleet club what memories.
    It was I believe owned by the lower deck and a ratings only club.
    How come is now moved to the UK and seems to be run for the benefit of officers
  10. Well noted slim, I seem to remember on all of its little light blue books of matches it said "owned and run by the men of the Royal Navy", it was a "lower decks" club, the lease was sold for enough dosh to buy the place at Saltash (must have been quite substantial).

    I'm sure the officer class would have invited us brigands and tramps into their club had the situation been reversed! (pigs might fly-no pun intended)

    Kowloon side, scran at poor mans market, a smallie beverage or 2 at the house of doom then to ned kellys for more of the same, a dollar nosh from street vendor, back on star ferry as much fanchow as you could eat in china fleet and still have change from$2 HK!

    "Tell kids that nowadays they'll never believe you" :lol:

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