Honesty today and in the 50s/60s

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, May 25, 2007.

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  1. Were the good old days really better?
    Did people not steal from each other in those days?
    Did leaving the front door open confirm these facts?

    We all hear those over 60 saying how dishonest the world is today and how in their day they could leave the doors and windows open go out and when they came back everything was still there.
    They are living in cloud cuckoo land :)
    In those days the reason doors could be left open was that people had sweet FA to steal. Houses were furnished with solid furniture that if you tried to steal it you would get a hernia. The only items of value were a radio set which was big and bulky and perhaps a small screen large cabinet television from radio rentals. To successfully steal any of these items needed a car, something the majority did not possess.
    Compare the pre 70s with today's modern society. Thief enters property with large holdall, in goes portable DVD player, laptop computer, Ipod, jewellery, DAB radio, and he still has room to slip in a couple of bottles of spirits. No need to walk home as he then picks up the keys to the car on the drive and drives most of the way.
    People were not more honest in teh bad old days, they just didn't have the same opportunities as today. :)
  2. I think no more honest.
    Grew up in a police family and the same old stuff was going on then, shooting, paedos, all the bad stuff. I think the media makes it more noticable.
  3. I don't think the level of honesty is any different.
    We have a more open society now and people can't hide behind some of the cloaks they did back in the 50's and 60's. Something swept away with the class system?
    I'm constantly surprised by the level of kindness shown by ordinairy people; on the other hand not surprised by bitterness and mean heartedness.
    To my mind there were no 'Good old Days'.
  4. Er The Krays,The Richardsons, Hindley and Brady,The Great Train Robbery, Borstals full to the brim with young tea leaves, rose coloured glasses me thinks. Just, as Slim said, less easily disposable property
  5. As a lad in South London in the 50's IMHO honesty was much more prevalent. We would enter gardens to scrump apples etc. but is some one had left cash/fags on the garden table we would not even have considered stealing it.

    When I went to the G-spot in 61 it was quickly drummed into you that to steal from Pusser was OK and in fact in some cases positively encouraged. To steal a single item of private property or kit belonging to another service man was only one step below murder or treason.

    When Faslane first opened in 66 we had these large wooden lockers. A member of the spare crew tasked to clean messes of boats at sea discovered he could remove the rear of the locker and steal. When caught and given 60 days or what ever, the Joss sent him under escort to his mess to pack his kit. The final instruction to the Hooky in charge was. "I want him back in two hours showered and scrubbed but with no obvious marks".

    On any of my ships/boats up to 1972 you could leave cash what ever sculling about in your cap until the killick of the mess ordered you to stow it.


    Maybe serving on ships and boats that never had a crew of over 140 and only ever once having a 6 weeks shore draft in all my service helped
  6. In my 10 years I only ever came across one thief, but strangely I think he did it to get outside. He went on to become a MALE MODEL & was often seen on the Graham Norton show!

    Weirdly as well I knew at least 3/4 drug dealers peddling their shit round air stations & ships.
  7. I served through the 60's and early 70's and can say with all honesty that I never had anything stolen, or heard of a thief on any ship I was on. Whether this was anything to do with with the selection process then or the fear of what action would be taken against a thief (One heard stories of fingers and hatches from sea-daddies) I'm not sure, but you trusted your mates and I never had cause to regret this. :)
  8. There was an article on the radio a year or so ago, where some academic had looked into trends in crime over the last 30 years (yes I know that takes you to the 70s, but I am sure the argument still stands) and child abduction rates and paedophile rates were unchanged after all that time - they argued that given a massive increase in population over the period that this in fact represented a net fall in the rate of offences. On a slightly different subject they also pointed out a massive reduction in deaths on the road over that period but attributed this to an obsession with wrapping our children in cotton wool by driving them to school rather than letting them walk. The point they were trying to make was the current media obsession with bad news breeding paranoia. As far as the RN is concerned, incidents of theft are still remarkably low - Of course there is always the exception (but I don't think that has changed either).
  9. Scrumping apples?
    You do realise that this is now considered major crime, and that you would have at least an ASBO slapped on you. In the same vein lads who jump off the harbour wall in the summer are now classed as yobs, rather than doing what lads always do.
    We have become so safe now that any kind of high spirited behaviour is frowned upon. High spirits have become confused with criminal activity, yet the country is probably now far safer than it has ever been.
    The only thing I ever got stolen in the navy was a pair of shoes, good quality english leather ones. The thief, who was easily found out, left me in exchange a pair of those multi coloured platform things, straight out Bernards or somewhere; he didn't get thanked for his efforts I can tell you. Shoes always seemed to be shared property in any case.
    In a inshore minehunter with a crew of 10 everything was shared, you got to know people really well eg one sink to wash in and one pump out head right in the middle of the mess deck!!
    ps S'arth London, what part? Isle of Dogs to start for me, then Streatham and Upper Norwood.
  10. To be fair though, I dont think shooting peados is at all bad :lol:
  11. Tooting just off the Broadway. St Reatham was toposh for me. Tooting Bec Common the Lido, shit scared of the nut house there. Old days.

  12. All I can say is thankfully cam corders where not about in the time Of Hyndley and Bradey. Those two should have been swung no Stewart Granger
  13. You all need to read Geoffrey Pearson's book...

    Hooligan, the you'll realise it went on before but we are deluding ourselves into thinking otherwise. The degree of honesty depends upon how you were brought up. These days some parents seem unconcerned with their offspring's behaviour, such as kicking furniture on sale in shops or defacing National Trust property! I had to tell off a couple of grandparents (white haired, both of them) a few years ago at Brimham Rocks for allowing both their grandchildren, right in-front of them, to defacing one of the rocks. 8O They actually tried claiming it was doing no harm! So if they could behave like this, then what hope for today's generation? :evil: Bring back the stocks I say, for parents (and grandparents especially) who set a bad example.

    Just remember all you salty types that Mike LeFanu, when skipper of the G Spot in the mid 50s, said there '...are no bad boys, only bad parents.' Nothing's changed then!

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