Honest politicians

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by bikerman, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. He's not a politician, but I agree with your point.

    He was therefore standing down from his position, officially media adviser to the House of Commons Commission, the management committee which Mr Martin chairs.
  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Martin epitomises the real soul of Socialism - self-serving, apparently (to me) utterly corrupt, a bully to boot - in a fair world he would be in jail, not in the Speaker's chair disgracing the Mother of Parliaments.
  3. Honest politician?

    Surely an oxymoron?
  4. Quite.

    This truely is the most corrupt government ever. How dare they criticise the likes of Mugabe when they are even worse.
  5. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I think he comes across as corrupt to everyone if not legally then certainly morally, how can it possibly be considered right to take money to fund a house for which the mortgage has been paid, not a few quid but over £20,000 a year!
  6. His 'Assistant' is looking after No. 1 and getting off-side as an act of self-preservation. Probably a good career move....eventually.

    Sadly, Gorbals Mick has dragged a most esteemed office into a gutter that he seems to be only to familiar with
  7. no such thing as a honest politician........ but least we all know this so are never fooled into believing the utter tosh that they promise...
  8. Might've posted this somewhere before, but the last man to enter Parliament with honest intent was Guy Fawkes. This current lot are the embodiment of "Animal Farm" - some are more equal than others - pigs at the trough - Bah, may the curses of a thousand poxes be visited on the lot of them !!
  9. i thought it said "horniest" - if so that hazel blears is a right good looking ginger minger
  10. If extremely short.
  11. I disagree. Whilst there may be disquiet it is worth remembering that it is difficult for us to accurately compare Michael Martin's conduct with many of his predecessors because there was much less openness. However in the past corruption was much more rife than it is today, even in Queen Victoria's time as Sovereign. Compared to many other EU countries Britain's Parliamentarians are relatively less corrupt, having fewer powers of patronage than their namesakes abroad. Martin himself has faced sustained criticism ever since he was elected as Mr Speaker. Much of this stems from the nasty anti-Catholicism that surfaced during his election to the Office of Speaker. There are, sadly, still those who believe that Roman Catholics should not attain the high offices of State and this was reflected by debate that occurred when Martin was originally nominated for election to the post.

    Michael Martin has declared all his claims, thought you might not think this were the case were you solely reliant upon the word of the Sunday Times. Within the rules, such as they are, he has not violated any. The problem lies with the lacuna separating the public's expectations and the reality of financial practice in Parliament.
  12. Indeed. As a contractor then the owners of his company are probably quite keen to distance themselves from the current furore and it seems like a useful opportunity to do so.
  13. thats okay by me -- she would make my c0ck look big in the pictures
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Corruption is corruption, regardless of whether some spic fiddles his expencese more than a Brit. If I "forgot" to declare money on my self assesment form or claimed benifits for a non existant claim these fcukers would throw the book at me and I could quite easily end up with a criminal record and a custodial sentance.

    They should live with the rules they expect others to follow.
  16. I had no idea he was RC, and don't care!! He is a corrupt, biased old booby. Even if he was a Tory or a Liberal he would still be as stated, just another Polly with his snout in the trough.
  17. Honest politicians

    I love fantasy reading!!!!
  18. The sad thing in all this is that, despite the fact that he claimed money for a property that was costing him nothing but council tax, it is within the rules to do so.

    UK plc urgently needs an unbiased third party organisation to oversee parliamentary allowances. How can it be right that this bunch of crooks votes on its own pay and allowances package?
  19. Perhaps those in the hallowed portals of Wesminster could copy those upstarts in Holyrood.

    This link give a sample of what I can find out about any MSPs expenses on line.


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