Honest John: "Land Rover Announces Affiliation With Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer"

I particularly like the one on the right, looks very smart.

Hmmmmm ....

I wonder whether there is scope for naming the next ship to be commissioned HMS Lotus ..... one of those would make a nice little runabout.
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'The firm will be supplying HMS Defender with a ... errr ... Defender to use when in dry land'

All county class destroyers had a defender on permanent loan, it went where the ship went. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think some Leanders had a mini van.
On the Old Ark we had a minibus painted red with HMS Ark Royal. The Pantomime Sqn were lent a Rolls Royce, which some enterprising pilot managed to turn over
I was in Illustrious when the press kicked up abit of stink about the ship receiving a top of the range land rover prior to our 2006 trip out to India which included photos of it getting craned onboard prior to us sailing from Portsmouth.


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Lusty had a very nice Jaguar on board in 98 I think. Nice until some girl on 801 Sqdn untied a lashing and dropped a bomb carrier onto the roof.

(year could be wrong, old age and all)

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