Homosexuality part 2, nature takes it's course

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by guestm, Feb 16, 2010.

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  1. Whilst watching the olympics lat night, I assumed the man position on the sofa. Feet up, hands down pants, barely alive. Naturally, I took time to then pick some fluff out of my bellybutton and inspect it.

    To my horror, as opposed to the normally blue or grey fluff, it was pink. Now I do not own any pink items of clothing, and besides, gut fluff is ALWAYS blue, isn't it?

    I am taking this unnatural incident as proof that I am now a hermer and am going to bum you all.
  2. I got grey the other day i presumed it was cos i am now over 30
  3. I don't get belly button fluff because I am not a skank, you skank.
  4. Poof, I save it up for weeks and make anti flash out of it.
  5. I get so much if i saved it for weeks i would make fearnought suits out of it
  6. I was going through some old stuff last night and found my anti-flash.

    I put it on and had a wank for old times sake.

    There is nothing quite like the feeling of a soft leather palm gently gripping your member.
  7. Especially when it's the SPC's hand.
  8. Can I just take this opportunity to say that I have never taken it up the richter.

    Please don’t bum me mister Monty sir! :(
  9. In an attempt to prevent you windmilling your penis through the membership of this pox-ridden site, might I suggest an alternative:
    You are spending so much of your time rubbing up against FEMALE teenage recruits that their colour prefences are reflected in your fluff?

    I am saying that in order to prevent you getting anywhere near my starfish (I have it on good authority that your chopper looks like an amputated baby's arm, and the bellend looks like the stump).
  10. How did the man who developed an exponential scale for measuring earth tremors via a Wood-Anderson torsion seismometer get into this thread. Did he have belly button lint up his ricker??

    We should be told.
  11. There are two comments there that you have just made which lead me to believe you may be spying on me.
  12. Don't be ridiculous. By the way, the keys are in your Black RAB jacket.
  13. Pardon my German accent.
    Anyway, I'll bet Monty's bellend could make the earth move for you. :wink:
  14. Great, another thread about Monty's cock.

    And you wonder why the RN has a reputation for being a load of bumders?
  15. My cock is the RR totem pole.
  16. What knobbly bits all over it and surrounded by dancing Indians?
    Fuckin hell 8O
  17. Yep, with what looks like a carved eagle on the top.
  18. EXCELLENT :oops: :wink:
  19. Put in for a draft to

    Bellenderophone :oops: :oops: :D
  20. Now this is my type of thread :D

    *scratches head* now where did I put my carving knife??

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