Homosexuality - It's just not for me.


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Was watching Jerry Springer one night , bloke A was complaining that his hubby was having affair , bloke B enters and sits opposite and is very evasive about playing away. bloke C enters and sit's with bloke B.
Have you been having an affair with bloke B Jerry asks , '' Yes we have been playing Volleyball for about 2 months ''
at this bloke A jumps from his seat but before he can reach C the bouncers stop him.
WTF is wrong with playing volleyball I ask myself......bloke C then puts his 2 arms together as in a set up play in VB
bloke A out of his seat again but again he is stopped by bouncers......then the lightbulb clicked in my head
TWO arms up the rear instead of one , I'm guessing baby oil just won't cut it as a lubricant in VB , best open a tin of this.
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