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Homeward bound, love and hate

ex_wasp_L2 said:
I have 5
1) Scotland on right forearm (Pompey)
2) Viking longboat Left upper arm (Weymouth)
3) A Scots lassie left upper arm (Weymouth)
4) Heart and thistle right upper arm (Weymouth)
5) Clan crest lower right leg (Poole)

As you can see I have a liking for Scottish themes ones maybe coz Im a Jock

A well travelled Welshman I assume
Fulham FC crest on my arse... Well they were 91 in the league ladder at the time. Oh what great days!

We had a couple of lads get tattoos in training best was this gobshite who got white ensign with a bulldog, then went gobbing off to everybody that we weren’t real sailors till we got a tattoo - he failed part 1 NAMET of 8-8 got back classed failed again and kicked out! Who's the real sailor now....
Lion with England below right upper arm(Great Britain was too big!)
Dragon left shoulder/upper arm (unfinished as tattooist died between sittings!!!!)
Mermaid back piece
Tree Frog right inner ankle

I get really frightened when I see these hard feckers with tattoo's on the neck and sleeves rolled up. Yeh sure!!!

Did think of the blood group on shoulder which was all the rage at the time.

Skull with green lid and commando dagger dripping blood was a common one bearing Royal Marine Commando underneath. Would spoil your visits to mussie type countries these days I am thinking.

Deck ape I worked[EDDIE THE RAT] with had mild and bitter on his tits and the fox going up the rear end. Plus many more.
i have too many to mention 50 plus most distinct - name tattooed in lip face tattoed in palm of hand taffys and hanky panky-amsterdam respectivley most done at doc price union st or taffys pompey


Pinnochio Dit (In case you are wandering about the 'tat)

Grandchildren (5 & 6) over last weekend, watched Pinnochio BluRay as HATs & SATs on our new HD TV outfit and then searched the web for some images for them to crayon (BTW - At their age I can get them both to crayon inside the lines :wink:). Needless to say I never showed them that tatoo image.

Hadn't seen the film for years but excellent imagery, music and v. good moral storylines, especially if followed up with a Q & A session in view of the nasty revelations of those victims of a certain deceased DJ & his cohorts.

A highly recommended film for any young offspring as the 'gifting season' draws near.
I have several but one is a Chinese dragon on my right upper arm from shoulder down;- done by Pinky in 1959 an d still looks like it was done yesterday
Are we still on tats?

11 Miss Texas Universe.jpg

The boatswain's mate in this pic, his PERSEC protected by his call even after fifty years, has "I LOVE STEAK EGG AND CHIPS" tattooed on his forearm, on display when on the gangway otherwise than in No 6's.

NB follow the line of sight of the gaze of the DLC which you will observe is below the lady's chin line. But he's a WAFU.

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