Homeward bound, love and hate

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Lingyai, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. Come on then confess, have you got a gash tattoo?
    What interesting tattoos' have you got or have you seen any perticularly memorable ones?
  2. I have;
    2 Indians Heads
    2 Vikings
    2 Roses
    1 Dragon "Hong Kong"
    1 Palm tree, Snake and Eagle "Singapore"
    2 Ants
    1 Large Cockroach
    40 Spiders

    I was in hospital a few years ago for an operation and one of the nurses refused to change my dressings. She didn't like spiders.
  3. I have

    Geisha girl , right forearm
    Jenny wren , left forearm
    Roman gladiator , left upperarm
    See there is a difference , right upperarm
    Indian Chiefs head , upper left chest
    Matelots head & Anchor , upper right chest
    Saling ship , lower left leg
    Rose & 1st wifes name , lower right leg
    Indian squaw's head , upper left leg
    Scull smoking a fag , upper right leg

    All done by Doc Price down Union Street in the early 70s
  4. Just 2 Tats

    Dragon fighting an eagle Right Upper Arm
    Eagle Left Upper Arm

    and 2 body piecings

    10mm hole in ear
    10mm ring in the old chap :lol: (better than a tat)
  5. Just one

    The Flag of St George on my right upper arm,saying: ENGLAND MY COUNTRY. Underneath it.
  6. None at all.
    I was more inclined to invest my hard earned shekels in the local boozer

  7. Same here.
  8. Got a 1/4 of a tat on my right upper arm. Went to get the old Arsenal crest, but have a phobia about needles. He started on the scroll at the bottom and I had fainted 3 times by the time he finished that bit. It says "Victoria Concordia Crescit". He said that he would leave it there and I could get some cream from the Doc and come back and he would sit the rest on the top. I never went back. Arsenal changed their crest the following season and totally removed the scroll at the bottom
  9. Negative on tats for me; the wife won't let me and I'm too scared of pain.

  10. The only thing Slim and I sound to have in common!!!!
  11. 2 of the lads when i joined in april 05 got a ensign right and the youngest was jusy 16 bout 4 days later was gutttted rite and proper. we were all ment to get one put i had the sensible idea to swerve it...

    but then to make it worse he said he was getting a everton sign over it... should just chop his arm off know.. hahaha
  12. Black Panther …forearm…….Union St Guzz
    Dragon and no. 13…forearm…..Nee Soon…Singapore
    Penguin on an ice flow with caption “Across the Antarctic Circle”….upper arm ….Pinkies….Wan chi, Hong Kong.

    The last one (which is the best) was done manually with a needle stuck in a cork and a little tapping stick.

    The most memorable one I’ve seen was a killick stoker in Sea Eagle who had the hunt tattoo on his back.
    This was, starting down from his neck, first the riders in all their finery, then the pack of hounds and finally the foxes tail sticking out of his ass.

    Always got a squeal of delight from the ladies.

  13. two tats. one on each upper arm,,
    a purple rose......(truro)
    roses in a shape of a heart.. with my kids names in the middle.. (bodmin)
  14. I have 5
    1) Scotland on right forearm (Pompey)
    2) Viking longboat Left upper arm (Weymouth)
    3) A Scots lassie left upper arm (Weymouth)
    4) Heart and thistle right upper arm (Weymouth)
    5) Clan crest lower right leg (Poole)

    As you can see I have a liking for Scottish themes ones maybe coz Im a Jock
  15. :lol: Your wife hits you that hard?!!! :shock: :wink:
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    A well travelled Welshman I assume
  17. Fulham FC crest on my arse... Well they were 91 in the league ladder at the time. Oh what great days!

    We had a couple of lads get tattoos in training best was this gobshite who got white ensign with a bulldog, then went gobbing off to everybody that we weren’t real sailors till we got a tattoo - he failed part 1 NAMET of 8-8 got back classed failed again and kicked out! Who's the real sailor now....
  18. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Lion with England below right upper arm(Great Britain was too big!)
    Dragon left shoulder/upper arm (unfinished as tattooist died between sittings!!!!)
    Mermaid back piece
    Tree Frog right inner ankle
  19. None!!

    I get really frightened when I see these hard feckers with tattoo's on the neck and sleeves rolled up. Yeh sure!!!

    Did think of the blood group on shoulder which was all the rage at the time.

    Skull with green lid and commando dagger dripping blood was a common one bearing Royal Marine Commando underneath. Would spoil your visits to mussie type countries these days I am thinking.

    Deck ape I worked[EDDIE THE RAT] with had mild and bitter on his tits and the fox going up the rear end. Plus many more.
  20. i have too many to mention 50 plus most distinct - name tattooed in lip face tattoed in palm of hand taffys and hanky panky-amsterdam respectivley most done at doc price union st or taffys pompey

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