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Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by Olive_Jobs, May 17, 2009.

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  1. The Hometyre Franchise gives YOU the opportunity to quickly develop a profitable, ethical and fully supported business with huge growth capability and an enormous potential customer base – not to mention an exciting, paced and rewarding environment in which to work running a home based tyre franchises for sale business.Hometyre was created and designed to deliver a very different service to your customers. Taking the ‘fitting centre’ direct to your customers’ door helps them avoid the queues, hassle and inconvenience so often associated with fixed site outlets. Now envisage yourself working from your brand new, fully equipped vehicle: providing an exceptional level of service and support to your new clients and customers across your exclusive territory - a service for which your customers will return time and time again.  Your day may take you to appointments at many locations - perhaps replacing a set of tyres on an Audi TT at a customers’ office - then onto a country house to change a pair on a Land Rover Discovery.Each day will be varied and each job will allow you the opportunity to help and advise your customer on a one to one basis.Hometyre has developed an eManagement system, marketing package and work ethos which, coupled with your ambition, enthusiasm and personality will ensure successful trading from day one.The Hometyre Franchise also includes:

    Industry recognised, technical and practical training courses
    Extensive marketing literature and promotional support packages
    Systems manuals and Operational guides
    Full Customer/Franchisee Support Centre
    Ongoing training and field assistance
    The right to trade as Hometyre in an exclusive territory.
    The most descriptive, recognisable and protected brand name in the mobile tyre industry Plus
    All the tools, equipment and know-how you need to get the job done right ‘first time, every time’

    We have good relationships with the main High Street banks, most of whom will advance you between 50% and 70% of the funding required (subject to status and approval) The fee for the full franchises for sale package is currently just £27,500 + VAT (the vat is reclaimable after first quarter’s trading) and includes everything you need to get your business on the road. We know that you will be motivated to discover more about this opportunity. Similarly, we are keen to learn about you, your skills, personality and ambitions.[hr]Click for more information about this job......
  2. spam
  3. spam spam spam

    redone due to being a mongtard!!!
  4. Why spam. It's a job offer for those leaving with a gratuity and haven't a clue what to do.

    It has to be worth a read.
  5. Its certainly spamming in my eyes !!!!!
  6. sorry NMC but if its a proper job offer why did they not go through the web site job section? Plus Franchise pay me to work for yourself, :evil: they should pay for an advert like anybody else.
  7. sorry NMC but if its a proper job offer why did they not go through the web site job section? Plus Franchise pay me to work for yourself, :evil: they should pay for an advert like anybody else.

  8. If you look in the same forum, Bikerman, there are a few of job advertisments.

    Edit: This is the fcuking jobs section! "Resettlement and jobs"!
  9. try that again in English. plus you are still a wannnabe twat.....
  10. Minus the word "of", there's nothing wrong with my sentence.
  11. Franchising is Ok but its similar to running brewers pub

    You have to buy all your stuff from the Franchise owners --so prices
    for materials etc are all knocking your profits and there's no cheap
    offers .

    However its handy if you want to start on your own after the initial franchise contract period runs out ---- after you have seen all the contacts
    and get to know the suppliers and you have a customer base aswell.

    Keep the wife working --the wage helps during the ''low earnings ''
    work periods.
  12. Take the word "of" out of your sentance it still does not make sense. Don't join as a writer fuckwit.
  13. Hold Fire there me hearties, Olive Jobs is part of the ARSSE/RumRation/Rear Party consortium(?) and therefore although it may look like spam it's been posted as a possible Afterlife career for those coming out of HM Forces.
    It's in the correct place too.
  14. Sorry NBZ, but it is in the job section why post in the forum is it over kill or deperation?

    Just got to say Zoid in any of his guises (Tim) really gets my back up.
  15. 1)Not a prob as new jobs are added to the list they're displayed on the front page to attract those who might be interested.

    2) Same. The cure is to breathe deeply and picturise in your mind's eye a rather desperate spotty youth who dispite being asked not to gob off on things of which he has no clue insists on showing his igorance at every possible oportunity. This helps to take his annoying BS with the pinch of salt it so readily deserves. :twisted:
  16. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and breathe.
  17. Exrackery! :lol:

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