Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by duggers20, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. Hi all joining ship on Sunday, going away for 6months problem is I get really homesick just wondering how you all cope on your first long deplyment away from home?
  2. Should have thought of that before you joined mate, and stayed at home with Mummy, thereby freeing a place at sea for someone who wanted to go.
  3. I get homesick,
    I'm always at home and I'm sick of it.
  4. Homesickness? No worries.

    Seasickness? I'll leave you to decide.

  5. I was just 16 flew off to Singapore for a minimum of 18 months. No home leave, no phone calls, no internet, no e-mails, no TV, very little radio, no UK newpapers and written only mail which chased us from Port to Port.

    Just grow up and get on with it. What kind of generation do we have that cannot cope with 6 months away, with all the contact you have, possibility of flying home for leave, e-mail, phones etc, FFS


    PS I forgot to mention the 8 days I spent in Sick Quarters in HMS Terror Singapore after being stung by a poisonous fish. They told my Mum I was seriously ill they would keep her up dated. Then told her i was OK and returned to duties.

  6. Jesus christ Nutty stop it, your breaking my fcuking heart, and I just got over "All good dogs go to Heaven" :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  7. To be honest I'm sure as hell I'm gonna love it when I go off into the distance not to be seen again for months. Not that I hate anything about my circumstances now, just the thought of the adventure and coming back with stories to tell and lessons learned etc etc. Plus 6 months away from home is peanuts really, I doubt much will change while you're gone.

  8. 18 Months ? did you have friends in high places? I bet you always won the tombola as well.
    P.S. Did that fish live or what?
    And stop saying Old navy you s&*t stirrer.
  9. Nutty ......... ditto ... did the same in '69 .............. got a massive bollocking when I gt back .......... I didn't write any letters (I did write four in 18 months) ...... too busy ... !
  10. I did actually ask to stay on for the next Commision of 18 months bringing the ship back to UK to pay off but as I was still under 18, but now a O/S they would not let me.

  11. Yeah ... I think we all did that ............ try to sign on 4 a second commish that is ........
  12. Did the fact that you might be away from home for long periods not occur to you during:
    1) The Recruitment Process, you know when the AFCO man gives you all those pamphlets and DVDs about life in the Navy and you have to learn about the role of the RN for your interview.
    2) Phase 1 Training, where the fact that you might be going to sea for long periods may have been raised.
    3) Phase 2 Training, where you may have been given a choice of drafts and given access to future deployments.
  13. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    A bit of 'lamp swinging ' here... My first time away from home lasted the best part of three years , in the Med. First on the Euryalus then swapped to the Bemuda. My first 18 month commission was a doddle. Mind you it was to the 'Far Flung'.
  14. Yes but be fair here, after the ships done away with canvas, and stokers were invented things were reached quicker.
    I bet that new fangled suez canal helped a bit granny. 8O :lol: :roll:
  15. Wasn't the Euryalus a boys' training hulk in Queen Victoria's Navy, then again isn't it a posh toothpaste ;)

    Rumrat, I've never recovered from the shock of learning that some saddo tropical fish had the effrontery to think that it could get away with attempted Nuttycide. I understand that the fish species in question suffered the fate of all defiant creatures that piss off pusser. It officially became extinct three months* later after the ship's company ate the lot! :biggrin:

    *These were London Underground "months" you understand. :roll:
  16. Missing Raleigh already? o_O
  17. Get your deployment head on: get a decent night out with your mates, shag a rats bird, wake up and before you know it you'll be passing the breakwater in your No 1s. You'll be ashore every month anyway and there's so much connectivity you'll not even know you're away.

    Unless you're going to sea in a steely black messenger of death...
  18. hey you old farts, its diff for the molly coddled kids these days innit
  19. Well, of course we had it tough! Dad dropped me at the recruiting office the day I joined and I didn't see home again for 9 months. 2,000 miles is a bit far to go when you are a 16 year old who must be back on board by 1800. :wink:

    Forget about feeling homesick and enjoy the trip. After your first foreign run ashore, when you have woken up adrift in a seedy room with a mouth like an Arabs jockstrap and must gnaw your own arm off to escape from the horrendous and barely female mountain of flesh beside you, you will realise that you can never really go home again....
  20. For fucks sake. The lad asked a question. I dont beleve anyone who says they never got home sick in there career. Ive seen old and bold killick stokers with 22+ years crying there eyes out after a few weeks away and a couple of tins.

    But your all hoofing never happened to none of you. Your all dead clever because you can sit on here and just pick at people.

    As for emails phones etc. I personally found it easier spending a few weeks in the north atlantic on TAPS duties with no comms. than i did in afghan with email, phones, mail etc. Was easier to forget them, rather than be reminded every nite.

    As for how to deal with it. In my limited experience i find the first week the hardest. Then you just get in to a routine. Try and do phys everyday. As it gives you something to do in your own time (if your a non watch keeper, WE, stores etc this is even more important i would say).
    Just keep busy and get involved with the crack in the mess.
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