Homeowner arrested after the burglar he confronted falls 30f

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. Absolutely rediculous, what next? I suppose householders will be expected to help load the gettaway vehicle.

    Homeowner arrested after the burglar he confronted falls 30ft
    by JAYA NARAIN - More by this author »

    Last updated at 21:06pm on 8th August 2007

    A homeowner was arrested after a burglar plunged from the balcony of his top-floor flat.

    The intruder suffered head injuries and is fighting for his life after falling around 30ft on to a concrete path.

    Later police arrested the owner and are investigating whether the intruder was pushed.

    The incident happened early on Monday when Patrick Walsh, 56, awoke to find the 43-year-old man rifling through his flat.

    They argued and the confrontation moved towards the rear window of the flat.

  2. Shame it wasn't 60 Ft. lets hope the real victim here is found innocent
  3. Re: Homeowner arrested after the burglar he confronted falls

    This person should be put behind bars.

    Does he not realise there are those amongst us who cannot afford luxury items from stores on credit cards etc and rely on him to deliver half price goods. This burglar was probably trying to feed his family and now he is in hospital.

    A friendly note on the door stating when you will be returning would have saved all this bother!!!

    Signed A. DickHead. Civil Liberties solicitors .co.gizthemoney
  4. The law is very simple on this point the householder can use a reasonable amount of force to defend himself and his family and property. REASONABLE is what a Jury of your peers decide if the matter ever reaches court.

    A suspect trying to escape out of a window is not a person you have to defend yourself against, only if he is attempting to get back in or you are trying to arrest him as is your right, providing you know the circumstances under which you can exercise that right.

    Taken the Lords Hansard 2001

    Citizen's Arrests

    Lord Monson asked Her Majesty's Government:

    (a) how many citizen's arrests took place in Great Britain in each of the past 20 years; and
    (b) whether there are any circumstances in which a citizen's arrest, carried out in good faith, is unlawful.[HL262]

    Lord Bassam of Brighton: No information is held about the numbers of citizen's arrest. A citizen's arrest which is carried out in good faith can still be unlawful if it is not adequately based on relevant statutory or common law powers.


    Basically you have to KNOW rather than suspect the person you arrest has committed an offence for which there is a power of arrest.


    PS This is not to say I have any sympathy with Burglar Bill but in this day and age you will have to justify your actions. In my day I would have pointed out to the house holder the most suitable answer to my(Plods) questions before he ever got near a tape recorder. I worked both before and after the introduction of taped interviews.
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    The worst is yet to come. The burglar, on legal aid of course, may be able (as I understand it) to use the CONSERVATIVES' Occupiers Liability Act 1984 (lawyers please correct me as to title and content) to slap in a big claim for damages against the householder. Nobody I gather had the common decency or mother wit to exclude such claims where the claimant had felonious intent or was on the property improperly.

    For the police of course the householder is a nice soft target for a neatly cleared-up crime to add to their stats.
  6. Quote: Basically you have to KNOW rather than suspect the person you arrest has committed an offence for which there is a power of arrest. Unquote

    If the guy is carting yer telly off through the window, then you KNOW he's committing an offence.....can you then not push him...er...I mean use power of arrest?? It would be word for word in a court of law though? Maybe if you pushed yer telly out with him, you'd stand a better chance with the old bill..!!! (I joke of course Nutty!!) :thumright:
  7. There are times when I envy our American cousins - they would've shot him full of lead..
  8. How do they know we was pushed? Maybe he was overcome with the shame at robbing someone decided to edn it all and save us the bother of a trial.
  9. It`s a sad day when burglars can`t go about their business without being abused, I have stated many times, this Country is going downhill rapidly. Whatever next? putting Murderers and Kiddy Fiddlers in Prison? where is it all going to end. :w00t:
  10. Re: Homeowner arrested after the burglar he confronted falls

    Thanks for that Hig Made my day
  11. I was amazed that people in my local paper were on the thiefs side. I believe that the moment you invade the sanctuary of someones home they have every right to use whatever force they want.
  12. You are in a very quiet shopping area on Sunday afternoon, you hear the smashing of glass and a man comes running around the corner. Would you stop and citizens arrest him for smash and grab (i.e. burglary an arrestable offence) or let him run on.

    Good you said let him run on because in fact he had smashed the window of a shop that was on fire pulled an assistant out via the hole and was now running to the phone box to get the emergency services all legal and commendable. So I will say again


  13. I would think that finding an intruder rifling through your belongings in your property should be enough to KNOW that he was there illegally. It would seem these days that the law is on the side of the criminal not the victim.
    Wonder how much previous he Had if it was substantial then the flat owner should be given the civie equivalent of a Herbet Lott award.
  14. Slim

    Basicly you would have no problem because I have avoided using the words "actually see them commiting the offence". It is possible to know they have committed an offence without being an eye witness, but unusual. Of course it also has to be an offence for which there is a power of arrest.

    The Plod do not like people usurping thir powers and many get a tad annoyed and are not to happy with your actions. In my day we would prime the man with the answers that would ensure he was not charged and inform his solicitor before the start of the interview what he had already said to us, i.e. the answers we had given him. 99% of briefs can recognise when the Plod are verbaling a person down instead of up.

    Well perhaps not Rosy cos sho only does house selling and is to young.


  15. You are of course making the assumption the guy will be charged, the police have a duty to investigate and dicover whether an offence was committed, and the guy has the right to be charged and then avail himself of the same legal aid as the burglar will be getting.
  16. Deleted
  17. Peter, the burgler no longer needs legal aid. his case was decided by the fall.
  18. If he`s in a rented flat is on the dole with no savings other wise he`s up sh$t creek?
  19. Re: Homeowner arrested after the burglar he confronted falls

    So its open season on burglers then?? :threaten: Common sense prevails. :thumright:

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