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Homeless ex services - please share with other sites


War Hero


Top Man Paul! BZ

Here's a new tagline for your business should you wish to use it - no charge ........

Belle View Estates - doing what the government should be doing!


War Hero
I wouldn't worry about it, @Sumo never spells anything right! :p
I spell lots of things right, if it's the right word in the right place is another issue, I blame spell checkers and grammar checkers for their poor support, beyond that live with it I do, the only thing is I never notice until at least a few days have past?:rolleyes:
which is a bugger at work as I have to try and get reports done a week early so I can spot mistakes?
My apologies for incorrectly spelling "Vue" as "View"
@skyvet no problem just the right word in the wrong place, it happens, to me lots. Smile be happy.
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